Police, Controlled Explosions and a Tube Challange

Published on 12 July 2005 in , , ,

It’s interesting to note that last Friday a policeman was stood outside Colliers Wood station. As there was yesterday and there was today.

Okay it’s not that interesting. But it’s interesting to instead note that on Friday at Shepherds Bush and White City stations there were just Community Support Officers on patrol, although some policemen were standing outside Television Centre. On Monday all had gone. Similarly today was quiet.

It seems a strange situation. Can it be that the dump that is Colliers Wood be more of a terrorist target than the heart of one of the nations media operations? Or maybe it’s just because it’s near a bus depot, which I noticed this evening was also under the watchful eye of the constabulary.

That said, this morning as I got to work, half of the Broadcast Centre was being evacuated due to a security alert. It didn’t affect my half, so it was forty five minutes after I’d first sat at my desk that I found out that at 9:20am there had been a controlled explosion at the other end of the building.

No doubt someone’s sandwiches had just been toasted.

And one more thing to end with. Geoff is organising a large, charity tube challenge. Sadly I won’t be able to take part myself, but it sounds like a good day out – if you’ve got a day free, why not take part?