A Tale Of Two Services

Published on 21 July 2005 in , , , , ,

The bbc.co.uk homepage has an option of a ‘big red button’ which BBC News can use to publish a news story into the main promo slot. One press of the button and it all happens in a flash.

Over on BBCi, we do things a bit more manually. When we want to push a major news story onto our two line promo text area on our front page, we have a nice bloke who works for BBC Broadcast who turns on the TV, types in some text in a box and pushes a small white button, and then waits fifteen minutes before it finally gets up on screen. In fact, pretty similar to what they used to have to do over on bbc.co.uk before they got their new fangled, fancy button!

I wonder if it really is red… I’ll have to ask.