Extreme Danger Hiking

Published on 7 August 2005 in ,

Hiking is fun. Or so Catherine tells me as she tries to drag me out of bed early on a Sunday morning.

Scary Sign

Walking past nice signs like this doesn’t exactly sound fun as we walked along a public footpath that seemed to be in the middle of some training ground for people with load guns. That said, despite firearms being ‘in constant use’, the only sound we heard was the sound of an aeroplane going overhead

Helpfully though, any armed people walking over our footpath were reminded to make sure their guns were safe. Wouldn’t want to scare any poor hikers or anything… And I for one am very glad that mere commoners are well protected with gun users being given lots of advance notice to keep their guns safe…

Of course a walk wouldn’t be a walk without people worrying to death that a sniper was about to shoot them from the confines of some secret and sinister gun base.

After all that fun and excitement, lunch was next for excitement.

One of the good things about the Time Out Book of Country Walks (of which our walk from Witley to Haslemere is from) is that the book tells you to stop at nice pubs for lunch, and for weeks Catherine had been extolling the virtues of this walk as we’d be able to stop at a lovely 12th century coaching in for a pint and some grub.

The Crown Inn

As such The Crown at Chiddingfold was something I was looking forward to. And indeed it looked nice, and was a pub of the Badger Brewery! Fantastic! Just one minor problem. It was shut for repairs…

Should have tried to stay in bed I think…

There’s a plethora of pictures from our walk between Witley and Haslemere. Once you’ve seen the first picture, just hit the ‘next’ button on the right to go through them all.