Published on 5 September 2005 in , , ,

Things that I have done today:

  1. gone back to work after eleven (working) days away from the place
  2. eaten lots of biscuits and chocolate
  3. stood outside in the office garden for half an hour thanks to a fire alarm going off (cue fire engines arriving etc)
  4. a slow and tedious, yet vital task of clicking on a link in a web

    app, waiting, hitting a button, waiting, then starting again. For 200

    odd links. Took three hours. However this did allow 5 thanks to the delights of multitasking

  5. finally cleared all the backlog of stuff in Bloglines that had built up whilst I was in Iceland

And that was that. Now I just need to finish off painting the back bedroom which I started on Friday. Some touching up on the (Gentle Fawn coloured) emulsion to do, plus some sorting out of the ceiling (masking tape applied whilst

paint still slightly wet… Grrr). Plus I need to get 400 odd photos onto Flickr and blog about Iceland extensively.

There’s just never enough time in the world…