Northern Line

Published on 13 October 2005 in , , , , ,

Before I start, let’s establish a factoid. The Northern Line trains were maintained by a private company for years before the Public-Private Partnership. The difference was, London Underground was in charge. If something was wrong, they could kick butt.

Of course, now they’re not in charge. Someone else is in charge, and LU have to kick their butt, and they then have to go and kick someone else’s butt and so on.

So we all get in a stupid mess, and trains are withdrawn on safety grounds and I have hassles getting into work because the entire tube line is shut.

It’s not as if there weren’t warning signs – visible messages in the sky to show what would happen. Train crashes due to poor maintenance. Private company Railtrack was stripped of its role. Network Rail then got rid of all its private contractors and brought it all in house. We all saw the chaos that privatising the railways brought us and we didn’t want it to happen on the tube.

Who would have thought it? Privatising the tube has caused chaos. Like we didn’t know that all this would happen. Like people didn’t say it would happen. And lo, it happened. All we can really say is that thank goodness people didn’t die when it did happen.

Thanks Westminster. You’ve done it again.