Credit Card

Published on 25 October 2005 in ,

Rather oddly I’ve just had a call from Mint querying some transactions on my credit card. I’d wondered if something was up when I came to pay for my newly upgraded travelcard at Colliers Wood tube station, and the guy in the ticket office had to phone up to get the card confirmed. Then at Sainsburys I had the same problem – I just put the whole £8 on a different card.

Now I know I’m not over the credit limit, and I pay the bills, so after tea I checked my online statement. Nothing unusual at all.

Then the phone call. Can we confirm some transactions? Yeah, sure I say, sitting down and preparing for the bad news that some Russian scammer has somehow got hold of my credit card and bought two first class tickets to Hawaii, and that they just hadn’t shown on the online statement yet.

Nope. What I actually got asked about was a £20 charge from London Underground from last week (top up on my Oyster prepay), about the same in Sainsburys on Sunday, the £400 from the tube this evening and the trip to Sainsburys.

All pretty dull, boring and most of all normal transactions. I mean going to Sainsburys twice in a couple of days is probably slightly above average, but we’d run out of milk.

Maybe it’s some random check thing – well what else could it be. Certainly not Russian scammers anyway. Unless they bought a new season ticket on my card and I didn’t notice…