New Look Blog

Published on 5 November 2005 in ,

Catherine is always telling me off for redesigning my websites too frequently. But as I pointed out, my changes are usually evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

And so it was until today. For today sees a new look for this humble blog. After over three years of the purple and blue, in one form or other, it’s gone. In its place, a simpler, more subdued design, with a photo at the top. And why not?

Those of you paying attention might also notice the change of URL as well. I’ve decided to start moving to using just again, although there will be things on for a while yet (if you like the purple design, you’ll still find it over there at Bods Central for a bit longer.

The new look technically is more of a reskin than a redesign – behind the scenes very little has changed. I’ve changed some of the stuff in the navigation – category archives are far more used than monthly ones, so why did the categories used to have less space on the old design? You might also notice a random photo there as well.

So that’s that. Hope you like the new look. And if you don’t, well you’ll get used to it eventually.