Grr, Computer, Grr

Published on 13 November 2005 in ,

Well that’s it. The answer is clear. I’m buying a new PC.

It’s been nearly a year since I tried to install an extra 256Mb of RAM into my PC, Binky. And since then, Binky has been struggling more and more with what I’m throwing at it. Everything else is fine, apart from the memory.

So having read last time that the motherboard I have is has problems with 256Mb DIMMs, I finally decided, what the heckers, and ordered a 128Mb DIMM module.

Well, as you might guess by the post title, that didn’t work either. I could install either the old RAM or the new RAM and both would work fine. But if I installed both together, one was always ignored and for no apparent reason.

This is a PC which is supposed to be able to take over 700Mb and I can’t even install more than 128.

So it’s a new PC for me. When I finally get round to it anyway.

In contrast a few months ago, I upgraded our laptop, Muffin. She went from 128Mb to 384Mb in five minutes. Whipped the cover off, installed the RAM, put it all back together again. Worked like a dream and despite the fact she’s only got a 700Mhz, she works like a dream. Far cry from the 45 minutes of swearing and cursing trying to get Binky to work…