Tours in BASIC and Python

Published on 5 December 2005 in ,

The other week we went out for a walk with two friends, Jane and Jacko (who aren’t a couple – it’s just impossible to write two names without making it sound like they are) in Kent, and happened to pass by Lullingstone Roman Villa.

Now looked after by English Heritage, the villa itself is inside a quite horrible green corrugated iron building. We didn’t go in, but I couldn’t help but spot the sign outside…

Sign at Lullingstone Roman Villa

The sign caught my eye owing to what it offered. To save you squinting, here’s the important bit.

Close up of sign at Lullingstone Roman Villa

Tours in Basic? That’s a new one on me. I can see the tours now…


20 PRINT “This is the door”


40 PRINT “In this room people lived”


60 PRINT “Go on, buy a pencil. You know you want to”

Whatever next? Tours in Python, Ruby and Perl? Assembler for the truely hardcore members of the party whilst PHP for the coach tours full of middle-aged Americans? Obviously English Heritage knows what sells on the tour front.

Mind you, also nearby we saw a sign inviting us to see “Parrot’s”, “Eagle’s” and “Meercat’s”… Obviously Lullingstone isn’t the place to visit if you like good grammer. Wish I’d got that childrens activity sheet now. Bet I would have learnt a lot from it…

(Incidentally, hello Jacko. Yes, that’s right. A post in this blog which mentions you and doesn’t have any connection to us having had a few pints in the pub…)