Another Boring Post About Teeth

Published on 12 December 2005 in , ,

First a recap. In December 2003 I had a filling. Lots of them actually but only one is relevant. A crack then appeared in said tooth a month later. The crack was duly filled in but the filling then fell out. This time it wasn’t refilled.

Some months later and a huge chunk of the inside of the same tooth came out. Tooth was more filling than man, but Bods was busy trying to move house and pretty much got used to it.

For fifteen months, it just existed. Then the filling became wobbly. Andrew kept meaning to try and find a dentist – a nice NHS one – but never seemed to manage to sort it out.

Finally he gave up and booked himself in. An hour ago, the filling was removed. And so the story continues.

Well actually it doesn’t cos at this point all there is is a huge gapping hole. I hadn’t realised just how big that filling was – there is almost nothing left there now and it’s going to need a crown. In the meantime there is a very shallow temporary filling, but it won’t be solved properly until the new year because there isn’t time.

Delightful, and delightful as well to see the nice costs of a crown too. To sort the mess out will need £128 for an NHS crown which probably won’t look very nice, or £300 if I take up the ‘Independent’ payment option – whatever that is, but presumably it’s white. If I really like (and if I want the very best), it’s £420 to go completely private. Hmm.

Apparently I can choose my crown next time round. The anticipation is killing me…

Still in good news, the other teeth are fine. Hurrah.