Happy Christmas

Published on 22 December 2005 in , , , , , , ,

So I’ve been in a pub before now where a brass band turned up playing carols, but never have I been in a pub where they brought a nonchalant sheep, a petrified looking pony and a vicar who lead an informal carol service. Well until tonight anyway!

The pony and the sheep came from the nearby Deen City Farm, and the Princess of Wales pub sponsors two of their pigs – namely Lily and Rose. Incidentally, the farm has a snow white peacock called Derek. Derek didn’t join us this evening.

White Peacock

Derek the Snow White Peacock – who is not albino as I said many moons ago

It has to be said that the pony did look rather freaked out by the evenings proceedings, so it’s probably a good job that (s)he didn’t stay very long. It was also just slightly odd to see someone wandering around blessing the pub’s Christmas tree, and indeed later on, blessing the pub, but always a large amount of respect to anyone who can do these things and put up with a few drunken and slightly loud people who don’t really get what’s going on. It wasn’t your average carol concert, that’s for sure.

All this did lead to us getting home much later than planned (we didn’t even know there was going to be such frivolity at the pub when we all decided to meet there) and meant we haven’t finished the sprouts which are in the fridge and which need eating up.

And after such fun, I’ll end by saying Happy Christmas, for my hectic schedule means blog updates – well they just won’t happen for a few days anyway. So go, eat lots of turkey or nut roast – whatever be your poison – and I’ll see you again for more of the same – tedious amounts of me moaning, and the odd bit of attempts of humour at the expense of people who don’t read web pages before sending emails.

I will leave with a statement. WASSAIL!

Drinkhail indeed!