Published on 22 December 2005 in , , ,

Some time ago, I released myCommute out into the wild – a personalised way to view public transport travel updates from your PC, using the BBC’s Travel feeds.

And almost as soon as I launched the prototype, the travel feeds broke and the whole thing stopped working.

I dropped an email to my colleagues at BBC Travel who said it was on the list to fix, and I sat back and waited. Every now and then I checked the feed, but no joy. And eventually I forgot. And forgot. And forgot.

Well anyway, to cut a long story short, today I randomly checked them, and the feed works again! myCommute doth live again! Hurrah!

Of course some things have changed – the feed providers have amalgamated the four “One” companies into one “One” company, and done similar for the two Virgin companies. As myCommute has been pretty useless on train travel info for some time, I just rejigged it all to cope, so if anyone was using it, they’ll have to redo their settings. Not ideal but hey…

Still now it’s back, maybe I should restart work on it. Maybe even make it into a Google homepage widget or something.

Or more likely, it will just sit there doing nothing for months on end until it breaks again….