The PR Of Strikes. Most of it's relevant in this case with just a few minor changes here and there. ">

Tube Strike Threat

Published on 29 December 2005 in , , , ,

Well with a tube strike on New Years Eve looking increasingly likely, it’s time to dig into the archives and just point you towards what I wrote back in August 2004 about The PR Of Strikes. Most of it’s relevant in this case with just a few minor changes here and there.

So a quick hint to Bob Crow – you’re making the staff you represent look selfish, greedy and – to be blunt – party-pooping, spoilsport gits. And remember Bob. London Underground won’t be the ones getting the blame if millions of people have to struggle home on New Years Eve. Oh no. The evil daggers will be pointing firmly at the striking staff and the cynical union. The members of the general public supporting you will be in the minority.

And some will remember it too – next time they should be supporting union members on an issue, they might just think back to that time on New Years Eve where the ‘scumbags’ at the union left them high and dry.

Me, I don’t actually care. I never go into central London on New Years Eve (thank goodness – too busy, too expensive) and indeed, will be able to walk home quickly and quietly in the early hours of the morning. But I’ll be thinking of those who won’t be able to if this strike does go ahead. And all because the unions need a little lesson in how to get the public on their side…