Walsh Western Hopelessness (part 2)

Published on 18 January 2006 in , , ,

I’d like to say I got a coherent excuse for not getting my PC delivered, but whoeever it was that I spoke to at the “delightful” Walsh Western had the worlds worst phone line possible, and about the only coherent thing I got out of the conversation was a question about whether I have a brown door. Quite why, who knows, cos every time I tried to get anything useful, I ended up on hold whilst he made multiple calls to depots.

Now as it happens, I do actually have a brown door, for next to my bright white door is a brown door – it’s the door to the small cupboard which holds our gas meter. it’s also a tad manky, and not exactly in good condition.

Dear reader, if you were confronted with one of these two options, which would you choose?

  1. bright white PVC door, with lamp next to it, a door knocker, a window that shows light behind it, a letter box and a prominent door bell, and which appears at the end of some flag paving
  2. a narrow, flimsy looking black door, with no light next to it, no window, no doorbell, no door knocker, no letter box, where the wood finish is falling off and in the dark, doesn’t even look like a door?

Every other courier, delivery person, gas man or other caller I’ve ever had has managed to make the correct decision – the nice white door with a window, is the one to pick.

That aside, apparently they’re going to redeliver tonight. I politely but firmly said after 6 only, to which the bloke on the end of the phone (when he was on the end of the phone – I spent most of the phone call on hold with some of the worlds most irritating hold music) said he’d tell the people in the depot.

I thoroughly expected to arrive home this evening at 5:55 (as I normally do) to find out that they turned up half an hour before. If they did, they left no presence.

So anyway, it’s 18:40. I should be at the gym right now, burning off some fat. Instead I’m sat here waiting, seriously doubting whether anyone will turn up.

Update: 20:32 – impressively it arrived about fifteen minutes later, although it was fun watching the delivery bloke wander up and down the street confused. Anyway, I’m in the process of getting it all up and running. It’s got a lovely monitor, and it makes far less noise than I’m used to. And USB ports for that matter! Anyway, more some other time! I have things to do…

Update: 20:42 – it even comes with Firefox pre-installed! Okay, it’s only v1.0.6, but a nice touch anyway.


  • Kevin says:

    When one is awaiting an important delivery I have found it useful to put a notice on the door saying, “I am in.” 🙂
    It does help to safeguard against “knock and run” delivery drivers, and one driver actually said he thought it was a good idea. They seem to think you are stood behind the door just waiting for them.

  • hemang says:

    this is one bad company, wasted my day,did not deliver, dont know what to do.
    never use it.