What’s In A Name?

Published on 22 January 2006 in ,

Well here we are. The new PC is up and running and I’m in the slowish process of migrating stuff off the old one and onto the new. More importantly, as is the *nix way, the new PC has finally been christened.

Choosing a new name is a bit tricky – if I had a scheme then it wouldn’t be that hard, but I’ve never bothered. Computers get named by whatever I think of at the time. Looking back, it’s been a rather odd mix:


My first PC, and the first PC I ever installed Linux onto (trashing my Windows partition and all my data in the process). Originally a 386DX-40, she later got a complete overhaul becoming a P133 instead. She lasted until the Autumn of 2000, by which point she was getting a bit tired. Briefly spent some time with my parents before going somewhere else I believe.

As for the name, well I’d like to say it was named after two things I liked – Catherine (or Caz) and the bar – but in reality, the Clash’s Rock The Casbah was probably more in my mind.


Binky the wonder computer. An Athlon 700 that’s been with me since my birthday in September 2000. She was my first new PC after leaving university, a bit of a celebratory purchase as I’d finally managed to get some money together and was at last, doing alright employment wise. She’s still under the desk, running Movable Type as we speak, but is probably going to head north in a few months time to spend a life as a basic PC for someone.

The name? Well Binky is of course named after Death’s horse in the wonderful Terry Pratchett books.


Muffin as a HP Omnibook XE3 – she’s a notebook with a 700Mhz processor. Bought in 2001 because Catherine kept nicking binky, and we didn’t have space at the time for another full PC. She’s still going strong, especially since she went up to 384meg of RAM. She has Linux on her – an old Mandrake partition – but Catherine uses Windows XP mostly.

Why Muffin? Well it sounds nice.


Not really a PC – it’s the name of my Rio Karma MP3 player. Not really used much as a name.

And now, what to call the new PC? Well after a few rejections (turniphead and panhandle – the latter was Catherine’s), she’s called Humbug – again cos it sounds nice. And I suppse that really, when you think about it, there is a bit of a theme going on these days – it’s clearly a food related one…