Published on 23 February 2006 in , ,

As you might have noticed, I wasn’t in the happiest of bunnies when I last wrote, so In a way, it couldn’t have happened at a better time. On Saturday we went up to Edinburgh to see Catherine’s brother, getting back yesterday.

I love Edinburgh – it’s a beautiful city, and feels so much more relaxed and carefree than London. It’s the kind of place that you start relaxing in a cosy pub and thinking thoughts about whether there’s any new media jobs going in the area, and what the price of houses are.

Admittedly the weather was pretty ropey – on Sunday we went for a walk in the Pentlands and got caught in a blizzard – but it’s absolutely freezing here in Lodnon so what’s the difference?

What was good was that I came back to London feeling happy and peaceful, helped by the fact that I’m not back in work until Monday. Hurrah!