Desk Swap

Published on 4 March 2006 in ,

I recently moved desks at work, which has had some unusual implications.

Take my first day back on Monday when I found a post it note on my desk.

“Andrew” it said. “Have ordered new PC for you. Jim”.

Cool thinks I. A new PC. Well my old one is getting very sluggish and keeps running out of RAM so that’s nice. Not quite sure why a new PC has been randomly ordered, but complain not will I.

Only it’s not actually for me – it’s for Andrew who sits behind me, and who was using my PC last week whilst I was off.

You might think that with two Andrew’s sat very closely, there’s scope for confusion. Just take those moments when someone calls out “Andrew” to get someone;s attention for example. Well now consider that sat in front of me is Andrew. Yep, there’s three of us in a row… If we could just get one of the designers to move desks, and keep another developer where he is, then we could end up with five of us all sat neatly in a row.

Of course, we’re all Andrews, not Andys, so we can’t even cut down the confusion. (Indeed I’ve never been an Andy except to a few people who I worked with in the college bar at university – for reasons I never quite understood).

Then there’s the mysterious noise. It sounds like a football crowd cheering quietly. For days I thought it was someone’s screensaver, as it only seems to happen when no one else is around. But I finally worked it out. It’s the door to the toilets. It creaks in a really weird way, and the acoustics of the room seem to manipulate it in a strange way…

Still, now I get a far superior view of the White City estate from my desk, and I think we can all agree – that’s one true result.