BBCi bridge

Published on 24 March 2006 in , , ,

I got so distracted writing about evil estate agents the other day, that I completely forgot to mention the latest launch from work.

About a year ago, my team delivered a project to revamp the BBCi front page (commonly known as the Bridge). As part of the radical changes, we went from eight links to six.

This year I’ve led another project – a radical one at that. We redesigned the thing to have eight links. I suspect my next project is to replace it with a rectangular bar at the bottom of the screen! (if you get that joke you’re either in the industry or need to get out more!)

It launched on DTT on Wednesday 21 March, and will follow on other platforms soon.

Yes, it’s a radical change. Well okay, going from six to eight links isn’t that impressive, but then this was one of those projects where most of the hard work goes on things that the user will never see. Needless to say, it’s all great, and the team have done a superb job – but really when you look at it, it’s hard to see what’s changed.

Quite a few of my projects are turning out like that these days…