We’re Going to do What? Revisited

Published on 6 May 2006 in , , ,

The BBC’s Statement on Programme Policy for 2006/2007 was recently published, I decided to take a look back at last years, which I blogged about at the time.

There doesn’t appear to be any public review of last years statement which is a bit of a shame. So I thought I’d put together one for BBCi. The score below is based entirely on public information so don’t expect any exciting insider gossip or anything. It’s purely a review of what you should see on your screen.

Launch a new CBBC service
Big tick! CBBC eXtra launched not long after the 2005/2006 statements were published.
Investment in radio services
Big tick! The Freeview radio service went up in September 2005, and it was announced earlier this year that Two Way TV have been commissioned to build the cable version.
Invest in a major marketing campaign
Tick. Well there were certainly some trailers on air.
Reduce the time taken to access the service to 6 seconds
Family Fortunes style ‘Errr Err’ sound effect. I wrote a bit about this last year, but I never liked the wording of that one because some boxes will never get down to six seconds. Of course most Freeview boxes will load BBCi in seconds anyway – have done for years. As for the rest, well we’re not there. Yet…
Provide an election service
Big tick! Bit of no-brainer that one
Pilot a local television project to measure the impact of on-demand local news
Big tick! The West Midlands Local TV trial is on satellite, page 1700.
Pilot some stuff to do with PVRs and test on-demand navigation and research audience reactions
There’s been some stuff released publicly about this – big metal boxes being shown at conferences and things, but I don’t know enough about it to determine a tick or a cross on that one.
Do more externally sourced products and services
Well I don’t know the exact statistics, but there was a plethora of announcements about outsourcing earlier this year, including the aforementioned cable radio service.
increase the number of games and stories on the CBeebies service
Big tick! Three have been added as I recall – Three Bears, Roly Mo and Tikkabilla are now on screen at various times.

So there we are. Not bad really. At some point soon, I’ll take a quick look at next years statements