Out and about in W12

Published on 26 July 2006 in , ,

As my job doesn’t allow me to get out of the Broadcast Centre in W12 very much, I usually take whatever opportunity I can to leave the building and visit people in their own offices.

So this afternoon I went and wandered the road to the Television Centre to see a colleague. And indeed instantly wished I hadn’t. Goodness knows what the temperature in that building is, but it was far hotter than what I’d just left, which meant some lovely sweltering. Ironically the meeting was with a member of the BBC Weather team.

Actually I like visiting the Weather Centre. I like it because the tour groups go round that way and the tour leader gets them to try their hand at weather forecasting. Not in an actual studio (the studios are too small and in very regular use) but in a corridor – there’s a small blue screen on one wall, and a TV screen on the other! Fantastic stuff! And of course all the tour members see you and instantly check you out to see if you’re someone famous. Then look slightly despondent when it turns out you’re just some numpty mini non instead.

Indeed it’s kinda ironic that I think I’ve seen more celebrities around White City (somewhere celebrities never go!) than I have in Television Centre. Although Nicholas Witchell did walk past me once…