Your granny won’t ever use ‘Second Life’

Published on 18 January 2007 in , , , ,

Somewhere not far away from my desk, various people are working on a little project called BBC 2.0 which is looking at reworking the BBC’s website for the modern world. Or something.

I confess I haven’t really been paying attention to what they’re up to mainly as I’ve been too busy thinking about the world of Interactive Television infrastructure (and what exciting thinking that is!), however thanks to a post on the mailing list, I have now seen the The BBC’s Fifteen Web Principles.

They’re all common sense things, like “Build web products that meet audience needs” (pinched from Google of course), “Make sure all your content can be linked to, forever” (YES! Please do!) and so on.

My favourite however is number 9 – “Remember your granny won’t ever use ‘Second Life'”. A gentle reminder to us all, that not everyone uses technology the same way.