It snows in Britain – EXCLUSIVE!

Published on 8 February 2007 in ,

Yep, it’s been snowing, which for the news means sending countless reporters out into the middle of nowhere to get cold to report on the fact that schools are closed and roads are a bit slippy.

Snow near our house

Our street in the snow, as photographed by Catherine.

Whilst watching this on one of the office TVs, I couldn’t help but wonder why this is a particularly major news story. Okay there is disruption on our roads and rails – usually moaning aboiut the state of the roads and saying things like “Well if Sweden can cope, why can’t we” whilst forgetting that in countries like Sweden, they’ll have winter tyres and snow chains for such circumstances. However overall, the fact that it’s snowed isn’t exactly a big event. It snows quite regularly in this country after all. Every year pretty much.

Ditto in Sweden and Norway, but it’s hard to imagine our Scandinavian friends suddenly sending their journalists to stand outside a school to say little more than “look, white things from the sky!”

Still, it did remind me of the old Chanel 9 Neus sketches from the Fast Show, where Poula Fisch would get eternally surprised by the the fact that the weather was always “Scorchio”. Until that one day when a single white cloud appeared.

Cue breaking news captions, journalists rushing to the story… “Sensacio! Nimbocumulus a costa!”