The F-Word – the end of an era

Published on 12 February 2007 in , ,

Late last night, Catherine announced to the world that she was standing down as day to day editor of The F-Word.

The site has come a long way since it launched in March 2001 – especially for the first few months where Catherine would be writing several features and reviews a month, by herself. It took five months for the first external contribution to arrive (July 2001 according to the archives) and it wasn’t until October 2001 that the next two were published. The first six months are a difficult period for any new website, so that The F-Word continued shows Catherine’s determination to make it work.

That determination paid off – the site is going from strength to strength. And that’s a huge achievement for something that started off being written on a PC shoved on a cluttered dining table in our old, crowded Ealing flat.

On the other hand it’s been six years of looking after the site for me – on and off. Not least the last few months where I’ve been frantically tidying all the code up, moving it all to PHP and trying to sort out all those little issues and problems caused by the fact that the site is six years old, and so is some of the code!

And there’s still some bits to do. As ever. Although right now I can’t be bothered to fix them – more of a priority is that ever since an Ubuntu kernel update recently, I’ve had no sound again, and I can’t for the life of me get it working again. Sigh…