Keep TalkTalking – There’s No Bill!

Published on 12 March 2007 in ,

I was having a ponder the other day and realised I hadn’t had a phone bill for some time. Well, about four months. This is actually quite odd as it used to be every month. So I headed off to my phone supplier to see if I could spot anything odd.

First problem is that my phone account was opened with Onetel, who got merged into Talk Talk some time ago. I’ve never really bothered much about it bar getting annoyed when their Indian call centre phones up to try and flog me something else I don’t want. I just wait for the bills to come, watch them take the direct debit out and leave it at that. They don’t even seem to have bothered to have tried to move me onto a different package (Onetel gave me free national and local weekend calls and no monthly fee) so I’m happy.

Anyway, I headed off to the old Onetel site, just to see if it existed. But it appears that has been switched off – by the looks of it, the domains remained owned by Centrica when the company was sold, and they were discontinued some point recently.

So I headed over to Talk Talk’s website thinking they’d merged the two systems together (that might make sense!) only to be unable to find the “My Account” page (some hunting later, I did find it. Rather stupidly, you have to go through to an AOL branded portal page for no apparent reason and then select My Account.)

I then tried to log in with my old user name and password. No joy. It’s dead. Nothing left to do but try and re-register. I enter my name, phone number, postcode, and get this lovely message in return:

Sorry we were unable to register you because your details were not found for the postcode and phone number entered. Please check and try again.

So it seems that I no longer exist in TalkTalk’s world. Well at least, not in the system that powers their website. Which is amusing as, presumably, I’m still raking up the bills with them.

Looking through my emails, there’s been nothing from TalkTalk – nothing about bills moving to new websites, accounts being migrated. The last bill came in my inbox on 1 December 2006 and since then it’s been silence. Zip. Nothing.

Presumably they’ll realise at some point that I’m making calls but not being billed for them although to be frank, I’m kinda interested in waiting to see how long it takes them to realise rather than point it out to them. Given my phone bills rarely go beyond £1 a month, I can afford to sit on it and see what happens. And besides, they seem to be a bit busy sorting out the chaos of their free broadband offer to worry too much about me…

Update: 13 March 2007. Funny how things go init? One day later and there’s a mysterious direct debit from ‘Onetel plc’ taken from my account. No bill mind… The words ‘not impressed’ spring directly to mind…