Broadband going slow

Published on 18 March 2007 in , ,

Over the last few weeks, my broadband connection has been a bit slow.

I’m currently with – have been for years. Never had any real problems bar some tussles when my line got upgraded to “up to 8meg”. I’ve been happily scooting along on on a 3.5meg connection for some time, until recently when all of a sudden it dropped to 1meg for no apparent reason.

And it’s slow – especially when both Catherine and myself are trying to download things. Okay, it’s not as bad as dial up, but given I used to have better, it’s rather annoying.

What’s more annoying is the responses I’ve had from The first was vaguely useful – try rebooting your modem several times a day for several days. Duly done. Nothing. Still 1meg.

Second response. “Our records show that your current expected Data Transfer Rate is 1000”.

That’s it. Nothing more. No answer to my point as to the fact that it used to be nearly four times that. Just a statement of fact.

Which to be honest, is a bit crap. Like the connection. Which is why I made vaguely threatening comments about upping and leaving. We’ll see what they say…