Customer Service

Published on 20 March 2007 in , ,

My conversations with have so far gone like this.

“Can you tell me why I used to be on 4meg connection and am now on 1meg?”

“No, but try this”.

“Thanks. I did but didn’t work. So why am I on 1meg instead of the 4 I used to be on”

“Hi, our records show you should be expecting a 1meg connection.”

“Yes. Very nice. But I want to know why I was on 4meg but am no more”

“Have you read this webpage full of stuff that’s not relevant to your circumstances… Oh and we think what you’re getting now is right.”

Cue frustrated and very long rant. Which might have worked because then, and indeed only then the information obtained…

They’ve checked and my local exchange is overloaded and BT Wholesale are apparently working to upgrade capacity – with a target date of the end of the week.

Now if they’d just done that check in the beginning…