Mild in London closes

Published on 29 April 2007 in ,

Sometimes website ideas work, sometimes they don’t. They can fail for all sorts of reasons – from being too ambitious, or just not attracting any attention.

Today I closed Mild in London, a section of this site which listed pubs in Greater London which sell mild ale.

Whilst the idea of keeping an up to date website of pubs in London selling Mild continues to be a good one, it is unfortunately one that I cannot keep alive by myself. I simply do not have the time to do all the reviews and pub visits necessary for it to work. It needed to be group effort at very least.

It has to be said, it also struggled to attract visitors – it was a niche pub guide website and niche guides are not always well found by visitors. Do a search for a pub in Google, and it can take ages to find the Mild in London entry. After three years, people just weren’t finding the site.

So I decided to call it a day and pull the shutters down. If there’s anything worse than an un-updated review site, it’s one that lingers on with potentially out of date information!

Shame really, but there you go. These things happen, and the best thing to do is to admit it’s not going to happen the way you thought, and move on.