Anatomy of Search Results 5

Published on 16 May 2007 in , , ,

Not done one of these for a while. Probably never will do again once I finally get off my backside and dump Web Site Story as the powerhouse for the site search (they lost it once they started bunging adverts on pages – badly).

Generally the things people search for, can’t be found, so here’s Bods making up for that.

Evil Tower

Seriously. There was not even one search for this, but three different searches! I wonder which tower is evil, and why they wanted to search this website for information about it. Is it an assessment of the towers evilability that they’re after, or maybe a list of all evil towers known to man? Who knows.

The only evil tower I know of course, is the one in Colliers Wood, however it’s more commonly known as the Brown and Root Tower, or indeed, just The Black Tower. It is of course only evil by design and decour – and isn’t known for hoardes of demonic beings with bit leathery wings who fly round the Merton area late at night, cackling evilily.


No, not the Death Star, but apparently a Sweedish industrial metal band once known as Swordmaster. I am, naturally, well known for my indepth knowledge and love of Sweedish industrial metal, although I confess to being more interested in their steel and tin.


I can’t believe I’ve never mentioned China in this blog before, so lets start. What aspect shall we go for? The country? Bone china? Nah. Let’s go for China in your hand, by T’Pau.

By all accounts, the lyrics refer to the novel Frankenstein and the writing of that novel by Mary Shelley. But then, most of the obvious references to that were missed out of the single version.

Oh and one for the pop pickers – this was the 600th number one single in the UK. Not arf.

Geordie Scene

Sounds like some sort of dodgy late night what’s on guide on local TV to me. It has, of course, been many years since I was last in the North East, if you don’t include travelling up on the East Coast Mainline several years ago.

Actually Geordie Scene was a local TV programme and was about music. It included episodes on Procol Harum, Showaddywaddy, Lindisdarne, Splinter, Doctor Feelgood, and of course, Chilli Willi.

History of Rome

Err… I think I’ll take the fifth on this one.

Hearing of Hedgehogs

Yes. Right. Hmm. Well I have no idea quite why… Anyway, hedgehogs have very poor eyesight and rely mostly on their cute little ears and noses to find their foo. Awh, bless.

Should smoking be banned in public places

During my university years, I used to work in the bar at college (actually it was a society – St Cuthbert’s Society – but lets not go there). I used to wear jeans and a bar committee t-shirt with my name on it. Cos I was on the bar committee. It said Andy B for reasons I never worked out (other than the fact that there were two people on the committee called Andrew – one was an Andy, one – me – was an Andrew…)

Anyway, after every shift, almost every item of clothing I was wearing, wreaked big style of stale smoke. Many people who work in pubs and bars will undoubtedly be very happy with the smoking ban cos if nothing else, they’ll have to do less washing…

More importantly, this is something I tackled in 2003. So ner.

Err… next…


And finally… my amazing Aberystwyth factoid.

They have a branch of a fabulously named cafe called National Milk Bars

Yes. That really was amazing.