Wandering around the house with a laptop

Published on 28 May 2007 in , ,

Hello. I’m currently publishing this from my laptop, far away from my main computer.

Yes, we’ve finally gone wireless about five years after everyone else did and after I finally managed to get the new wireless router to work (it didn’t want to auto-detect the DNS servers…) Not very exciting I know – if at all. But hey, it’s a blog post.

The wireless router is only a cheap thing from Ebuyer – actually a model that TalkTalk used to give away free to new customers. It seems to do the job and the user interface on the admin screen is at least a little more understandable in comparison to my old wired router.

What’s not impressive is the manual. As ever it’s a PDF file on a CD. However in a moment of mad genius on someone at TalkTalk’s side, the PDF is a mere URL pointing you to their website. There’s not even a basic trouble shooting section.

I can see it now. Thousands of punters having trouble setting up their modem and connecting to the internet, seek help and advice from their user guide only to find out they can’t read it because it’s online! Whoever came up with that scam must be revelling in their “Plonker of the Week” award.

On other boring wireless related news – the kitchen has pretty good signal, the bathroom not quite so, but surprisingly, right next to the front door (which is two flights of stairs away from the base station) has astounding coverage, although is pretty cold…

Now to persuade Apache to use all the new IP addresses and domain names correctly for my local webserver…