GE Money – incompetence and downright lies

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Before the holiday posts begin in earnest, a little word on credit cards.

I came back from holiday to find my July credit card bill from GE Money. Not an amazing occurrence – such things happen all the time.

This time was different for it featured a “Late Payment Charge” and a wad of interest. Which rather annoyed me, because I’d just set up a direct debit for the account so that every month, the full balance would be paid off. When it comes to credit cards, I’m the annoying person that the banks hate because I always – and I mean always – pay off my bill. Only once have I not done and that was because I accidentally sent the money to the wrong credit card account.

Having set up my direct debit, I got a nice letter proclaiming all was set up and then my June credit card bill had come proclaiming the money would be taken out automatically on 12 July. So I naturally left it at that, as naturally you would.

Which is why I was a little stunned to come back from holiday and find that on my next bill, not only had the money not been taken from my account, but that they’d decided to charge me interest and a late fee for not paying on time!

First thing I did was check the direct debit instructions on the current account, and sure enough, there it was listed amongst the many other direct debits. In other words, it was all set up and happily fine.

I phoned with a hint of intrepidation (and indeed prepared for a fight) and got through to a really friendly and helpful person who said it should be easy to sort out, but because the issue was outside his control, he had to pass me other to the Collections department.

Which was when the fun started. I was basically told that I had filled in my account details wrong – putting three 4’s in a row instead of 2. Which seemed a little implausible because the Halifax had happily set it all up at their end.

Could I get this bloke to accept that? Not one chance. It took me 15 minutes or so before he’d even agree to drop the late fee, and it physically took me shouting down the phone at him – having to talk over him – threatening to close the account (and indeed at one point calling GE Money f—ing farcical) before he’d drop the interest.

But hey, lets assume I had filled in the form wrong. Which was 2 months ago incidentally. If they did, why did they not phone me to tell me it was wrong? Why did they send through two statements proclaiming they’d take money out of an account which (according to them) didn’t exist? One simple phone call to me saying “Look, we think there’s an error on this direct debit mandate” and all would be fine. But no. Nothing. Presumably because they’re a nice bunch of con-artists who’d rather you didn’t realise that you were being charged interest and late fees, and would rather you just paid it instead.

Had I filled in the form wrong? Well actually, just checking the direct debit confirmation letter I got a few moments ago (several hours after I hung up on them), and I found out that quite frankly, the bloke from “Collections” (who conveniently never gave his name) had been lying through his teeth at me. I had never given my account number with three 4s in it at all. In fact its sat there in black and white in front of me – completely correct and 100% accurate. What he’d told me was just frankly completely and utterly incorrect.

To add to all the fun as well, the fact that my statement appeared to have two different interest charges on it – whilst their system listed only two. Only when I got off the phone and got a calculator out, did I find out that actually they’re right, and that £1.23 “Deferred Interest” was actually included as part of the overall interest charge. For some unknown reason, that £1.23 appears in the transactions in the column, making it look like an extra item – something which caused even more “fun” which the stubborn bloke from “Collections”

All in all I spent 30 minutes on the phone in agro and still they wouldn’t accept that they’d screwed up. Oh no. As far as they were concerned, I’d filled in the details wrong and the direct debit couldn’t be taken. Never have I been sat on a phone call so long and been so convinced that the person on the other end of the phone was lying through his teeth.

Never have I found dealing with any financial organisation such a stressful, annoying experience. Which is why I’m letting you all know. Needless to say I’m about to write a very stroppy letter to them – especially when their own incompetence meant that my credit card had been blocked due to “non-payment” and I had it refused at Sainsburys. However to have someone downright lie to me is frankly unacceptable.

Still there is one small victory (besides agreement to get all the charges removed from the account – which better bloomin’ happen). GE Money would prefer you to complain via their 0870 number. No chance. Thanks to, I found out that if you phone 0800 915 2234 – their credit card activation line – you’ll happily get through to one of their agents who doesn’t bat an eyelid. I may have been on the phone for 35 minutes, but hey, they picked up the bill…


  • Joanne says:

    well whaddya know!
    i am beginning to experience the same sort of rubbish, spending lots of time on the phone trying to claw back the payments they continue to lose and the late payment fees they keep adding!!
    after losing my first internet banking payment i received a letter from the “HEAD OF CUSTOMER SERVICES” stating that they found my money and all is well and laying out different account details to pay my money into.
    all well and grand, so i changed the account details and thought no more about it until the following month i received a statment illustrating a late payment fee which was removed from my account the day BEFORE the payment was due and no sign of the money i had again paid in in plenty of time! – confused??? me too.
    when i phone customer services i cannot speak with this Adam Dalton “Head of Customer Services” because he works in …. wait for it…..

  • Joanne says:

    hit submit by mistake sorry.
    but of course didn’t he work in COLLECTIONS which has nothing to do with the people i phoned using the number at the bottom of his letter.
    so now they are trying to say i’ve done something wrong and they cannot trace it their end because they have no record of the letter.
    in short – my money has been lost, i’m afraid to pay anything off my current bill and i can’t even use my credit card in the run up to Christmas because it gets refused in the shops.
    really not a pleasant experience, i’ve spoken to so many people and each one says the last one didn’t submit the query correctly and i’m wondering do they really expect the customer to phone every couple of days to listen to the same lies and deferrment and pass the buck and allegations of having made the error in the first place myself.
    so i’m sorry but i had just got off the phone Andrew and began a search for some way of contacting this punter Adam Dalton in order to get to the bottom of this and also looking for a complaint form when i came across your blog and decided to add my rant.
    but thank you for the tip on the freephone number that’ll make a big difference now that i am going to have to phone them continually until they find my money.

  • Eileen Graham says:

    I have had the pleasure today of demand for November and Decembers payment, all because I paid 1 day early so it was still in the previous billing cycle. Now I have late fees etc.
    They will do nothing and trust me I have called.

  • Meredith says:

    I just got off the phone with my favorite bill collector….GE Money. I was so frustrated and angry after the debacle that I thought “I cant be the only person having trouble with this organization”
    I have gone through the same games with these people.
    My last 3 payments were reversed and I was charged 30bucks each time as a late fee.
    GE Money insists that I have entered my account number wrong on each payment.
    I tried to make a 4th payment and had my husband put in my banking info…..same thing!! reversed payment and 30 dollar charge!!
    I know we have entered the right info and they will not even look into the possibility that it could be a glitch on their end.
    I spoke with a supervisor and tried to get him to let me make a payment by phone. He wanted to charge me an extra $15 phone fee!
    I got into a huge fight with this guy. I am sooooooo sick of GE money. I am considering small claims court.
    I have never had this much trouble paying a bill in my entire life.
    I am so fed up with them.

  • john boi says:

    you people may want to learn how a credit card works and read your t’s & c’s of your credit contract. Of course if you make a payment in the previous billing cycle it wont count towards your next monthly payment. And if you do a bank transfer you may want to contact your bank to trace your missing paymnet, also if you spoke nicely to the collections officer insted of “screaming down the phone” you might get your pethetic fee’s/interest reversed easier. O and as for your $15 dollar phone fee your full of it…

  • Andrew Bowden says:

    And we would like to thank the Chief Executive of GE Money for his contribution to this debate 😉
    John Boi might want to try re-reading this post and some of its comments properly before insulting people, because only an utter muppet would believe that a consumer should be punished when a credit card company who have been instructed to take full payment fails to do so.
    John might also wish to consult his T&Cs. Your card company has obligations to you too.

  • Ian says:

    GE Money have been nothing but trouble for my g/f too. She had a Debenhams store card and spent about £85 – she paid insurance on it in case she got injured/illness and when she broke her collar bone and couldn’t work they wouldn’t send her the claim forms (though keep saying that they’re on the way) and added on charges until now I’ve had to pay £185 just to get them off our backs as they were threatening sending the repo man!
    GE Money are a bad joke and I recommend people NOT to use them or store cards that are run by them (rip-off interest rates anyway).

  • Rob says:

    Although I am in NZ, I can assure you that GE Money is alive and well down here. In fact, they have all but monopolised the consumer credit industry here. Almost every shop that offers finance now does it via GE.
    Their interest rates and penalties ensure that you are indebted to them for a long time.

  • louise says:

    I actually work in the collections dept and all i have to say that GE money is a reputable company that i admit has its flaws once accounts are in arrears due to the automated letters and dialler, however youd be surprised how many customers do not take note of the credit agreement they are signing!!!!

  • Robert Halliday says:

    I don’t know who is really to blame for this GE Money or PayPal Credit Card. I have a PayPal card used very lightly so far, I was offered a 0% interest free period of 6months so made use of it to the tune of £2700 plus a charge of £50. Fine, thats tucked away for 6 months anyway. I got my next statement in with a charge of £82.50 which is 3% of the sum owed. I have a projection for the following month of £80.03 which is 3% of the balance. Some transfer balance at 0% Interest!
    Regards All.
    Bob Halliday.

  • Laura Nicholson says:

    GE sucks!
    They charge customers for every single thing; late fees, collection fees, litigation fees, if you are trying to pay off your debt, you will never end. They will make sure you always have more to pay!!!

  • Liz says:

    I have just written a letter to Debenhams telling them to vote with their feet – GE have caused me no end of problems unecessary late payments and you CANNOT get any sense out of the people you talk to NIGHTMARE. There are NO benefits to customers by having a Debenhams store card if you just get loaded with cost late payments and interest. They suck!!!!!

  • Anon says:

    Abbey (Santander) have just bought the GE credit card business. Things will get from bad to worse for you lot!

  • anon says:

    I also work for GE – I work in management in the activations department. May I just say that we do try to deal with all of your issues proffesionally and promptly after all, most of us are customers ourselves and know how frustrating it can be if your issue is not dealt with to your satisfaction (dont get me started on the debacle I am having personally with N power) That said you would be amazed at how many customers ring through to the wrong department and demand that their problem is dealt with. As mentioned I work in activations which unfortunatley for us is a free phone number. The hint is in the title of the department – We work in ACTIVATING your new card – however customers will ring us as we are the free number demanding that we sort out their issue. Dont get me wrong – I wuld love to help you, however I am not trained in he issues that you are having therefore I am unable to help – I am then asked to transfer the call to the correct department – I explain that we cant do that – If I transfer you, it means that We are sitting in a call que trying to pass you to the right department – meaning our customers whom are trying to call up to the correct department and activate their card – can not get through – which in turn makes them angry. I will offer you the correct number – but no – you want to be transferred as you will not pay to make a call to deal with something you do not believe is your fault. I try to explain that even if I transfer you – once that has hapened you will be charged anyway – but that is besides the point. Some customers can not understand hat GE is a huge business – with lots of departments – We are not all trained in every department as we would not be able to keep up with all of the changes within all of the business and give factaul information – which is why we need to transfer you. Shouting at the advisor that answers the phone – will not help matters – please bare in mind that the advisor is a human being – has their own problems and issues and quite frankly does not get paid to have a customer threatening them or shouting at them down the phone. Next time you call up with an issue – listen to what the advisor is saying to you – and your issue will probably get solved much more quickly – In my experience most customers will rant and rave and only hear what hey want to hear. Also please remember that resolving an issue takes time – Ask for the name of the advisor whom has been dealing with your issue and ask for an extension number – therefore you have a point of contact – but do not feel as though you have to ring 20 times per day – if we say we are dealing with an issue then we are – but we also have another 100000 of customers that require our help also. I am very sorry that any of you have had a bad experience – however in most circumstances the problems can be resolved quickly and easily and if the error is our fault we make sure you incur no charges. However most of the isues Ihave dealt with have been at the fault of the customer eg they have not read their credit agreement – or switched off at the part when we are telling them T & C’s over the phone – most people are happy to take the money but dont listen to the important stuff such as when payements should be made or what their interest rate is etc – then it becomes our fault. It has come to the point where my department is recording all calls so we are covering our back!
    So sory for the rant – but just thought I would share what it is like to be on the other side.

  • anon says:

    ps – Santander have not bought the GE finance business – We have exchanged – Not sure how you think things will get worse? we at GE do not know what the changes will bring yet – so not sure why you want to cause even more bad feeling towards a business it could mean that things will change for the better

  • anon says:

    “But hey, lets assume I had filled in the form wrong. Which was 2 months ago incidentally. If they did, why did they not phone me to tell me it was wrong? Why did they send through two statements proclaiming they’d take money out of an account which (according to them) didn’t exist? One simple phone call to me saying “Look, we think there’s an error on this direct debit mandate” and all would be fine. But no. Nothing. Presumably because they’re a nice bunch of con-artists who’d rather you didn’t realise that you were being charged interest and late fees, and would rather you just paid it instead”
    Do you think GE assign 1 person to each account and check it every day just to make sure everything is perfect on your account? Sometimes issues do not flag up or come to a businesses attention – This is your own account and bank details and even you didnt notice untill much later -Letters are sent to you automatically – someone does not sit and type it up – you noticed the mistake – you called in and you had your fees waived – quit moaning!

  • Andrew Bowden says:

    “Do you think GE assign 1 person to each account and check it every day just to make sure everything is perfect on your account? Sometimes issues do not flag up or come to a businesses attention – This is your own account and bank details and even you didnt notice untill much later -Letters are sent to you automatically – someone does not sit and type it up – you noticed the mistake – you called in and you had your fees waived – quit moaning!”
    Frankly, I expect good customer service. And if I send in a form and it has an error, or if something else goes wrong, then I expect to know about it. Whether that check is manual or automated, it doesn’t matter. If the check deems there is an error, then the customer should be notified – it’s perfectly doable, as Icesave proved to me today! A system will know the error exists.
    Of course in my case with GE Money, someone claimed I made an error, and I wasn’t notified of it.
    That’s no doubt because, as I mentioned in my original post, I made no such error, and there’s proof of that! Yet a representative of GE Money swore blind that I had made that error. The error was with GE Money – and frankly, as a customer I don’t expect to be lied to in an attempt to cover up a mistake made by GE Money. I don’t expect to have to fight on the phone for nearly an hour in order to get my refund. That is bad customer service.
    Good customer service is possible to do and if a company strives towards good customer service, then its customer service staff will generally be treated well by the customers. On more than one occasion I’ve phoned up a company expecting to have to fight for my result, and not had to – the process handled the issue perfectly, the staff were helpful and friendly.
    Incidentally, I think it’s very important to be to people on the phone. It can’t be an easy job, and I don’t want to be the person they go home and moan about. However in the case of my dealing with GE Money, the only way to get anywhere was actually to turn into a bastard. Trying to be calm and nice got me absolutely nowhere. Threatening official complaints to banking regulators did.

  • anon says:

    i work as a store manager for a company that have used ge money for 10 years. i have frequently had to call them on behalf of their customers as the misperception is that because they opened the card in our store it is us that’s messed up their statements. occasionally i get through to someone first time but then you’re put on hold for 5 mins whilst they transfer you and then lose you!! on calling back no-one knows anything about it and you explain all over again only to be told you need to speak to someone else.
    two best examples of APPALLING customer service with ge are customer opened a card,after it arrived in the post he pre loaded his card with an extra £400 to take advantage of an upcoming sale in the store. in his eyes and mine he now had £750 (previous limit £350). a week later he attempted to use the card only for it to be declined. on calling ge and being transferred and on hold for approx 15 mins i explained ( to what can only be desribed as the woman from hell, rude would be complimentary to her), the customers problem. she refused to do anything and said the decline would not be reversed. i said that the customer had travelled a 60 mile round trip to make a large purchase and they were amazed that they had been declined. her answer was i travel that far every day for work love and then put the phone down on me. i then called a management complaints line which is for use as a last resort. eventually i was told that as the customer had no credit history to check they could not activate his account!!! why send him the card and the welcome pack then?why let him preload £400 onto his account? consequently i had to authorise 20% reduction discount for the customer so he could get the money off he had been entitled to if he had used his card. this was now at a cost to the store. i then offered to deliver an out of stock item to the customer. on arriving at their home and talking to them i see why they didn’t have a credit history. Brand new property especially built for them, 5 bedrooms,all en-suite, brand new bmws each outside the triple garage. they didn’t need credit, but as they said it became a matter of principle. they then had to wait for a week to 10 days for their £400 to be repaid into their bank account
    the other biggy was that a customer who had opened a card and then deciding he wanted to cancel had major problems closing his account as he had not paid his bill. fair comment except he had purchased nothing. he received a letter of apology after 6 weeks of phone calls and letters to ge by both the customer and myself. a few days later he received a statement showing a £500 credit to his account. again he called, i called, he wrote, i called and when we eventually told ge he was going to spend the £500 they realised something was wrong. after investigating this it transpires that the £500 should have been credited to ANOTHER customers account as she was preloading her account for a large purchase!!! no doubt things will not improve as long as ge go for global domination of the store and credit card market.
    i for one look forward to the day i can offer my customers the same level of customer service from ge that both i and my company and my customers expect from both myself and my staff.

  • Karen45 says:

    I have been having financial difficulties recently and even though I moved house 17 months ago and informed GE Money of this move on several occasions, they continued to send my mail to my previous address. Consequently I did not receive a letter informing me that they were seeking a County Court Judgement against me and that I had 14 days in which to reply. The letter was sitting at my previous address for days until the tenant decided to forward it to me! When I tried to explain this to their solicitors they said that this was irrelevant. I do not consider it to be irrelevant that they are sending sensitive and highly confidential mail to the wrong address do you? I have tried to settle my account offering an ex-gratia payment which I have sought a considerable amount of advise about and basically they do not want to know. They simply want to sue me! My dealings with them have never been pleasant so be careful especially if you move house or are experiencing financial difficulties.

  • graham says:

    just in the process of getting a mortgage from GE through a broker, and after reading the comments listed here, quite frankly i am shxxxxing myself. can anyone assure me/advise me what to do, do Ge have any good qualities?

  • Porky12 says:

    just in the process of getting a mortgage from GE through a broker, and after reading the comments listed here, quite frankly i am shxxxxing myself. can anyone assure me/advise me what to do, do Ge have any good qualities?
    I would advise you to stay clear of GE, I have a loan with them and I did read things carefully but not carefully enough it seems…….I actually owe more to them after several years than I borrowed, can’t afford to pay it all off at once so I can see me paying thousands in intrest before I get to finish. I was given credit by a company that use GE and was told how easy it is to pay off the debt quickly……..wrong!!! tried several times to increase my payments but just got passed from pillar to post, in other words they need me to keep paying at the rate I am so as to cream as much money as possible, heaven forbid I pay off early and they loose money from a “valued” customer!!! stay away from that company, they do not deserve your custom

  • graham says:

    just been saved from the jaws of death !
    the house didn’t go through. i dont think i would have lived long enough…

  • Chantel says:

    Don’t ever open a card backed by GE Money, unless you enjoy being lied to and charged unfairly!
    I opened a Laura Asley card with them with a £1000 limit. They started my card with a charge of £931.26 and then, without me knowing that I charged a sofa for around £900. I never received a statement so I called to pay (I was 2 days late paying) and found out that I owed almost 2 grand! I had a late payment, extra account cover charges, and extra interest for what I charged which is fair, but also for what they started my card with! I ended up paying for extra, but didn’t want any problems with being more late, etc.
    I went the phone route, called Laura Ashley stores and customer service as GE tried to blame them and then spent the rest of my day and a few hours time on the phone again with GE Money. At the end of the debacle a supervisor told me I would receive a cheque for £62.20 in 7-10 days. I asked for his name and work id number, just in case.
    I waited, no cheque, I called to try and find out and they said a cheque for £11 would be sent to me. I asked for another supervisor, waited and after eons was told it would be looked into and I would receive a “free callback” tomorrow, wooopeeee! By now I have only spent who knows what calling them! They are just so kind, aren’t they!?
    I got a call today, the woman wanted to know why I was angry about a £11 cheque being sent. I went through it all again, gave the details of the worker and asked if she could even see the notes, which she said she could. She informed me I was owed £22 and no more, lol! I said, “then it is okay for GE Money to lie to its customers?” and she said i”t wasn’t a lie but the workers error”. I said I was lied to as the cheque was not sent and a supervisor and worker both were wrong and she still said it wasn’t a lie. I asked for her supervisor and one would have to call me back. I said it was not acceptable, I wanted this over and I wanted to end my card. She would not do anything and said no one was available.
    I have cut my card, and will do with any other store cards I own from GE Money. A few extra points or certificates is not worth this nightmare and the money you will lose!
    I am going to be complaining to Laura Ashley for using an appalling service like GE Money for their credit cards. I am going to send a letter to GE Money with my cut card, and I am curious if anyone would be interested in all of us getting together and starting a suit against them as this should not be allowed to continue. If you are interested please e-mail me at: [email protected] .

  • Alvis Wright says:

    DITTO – DITTO – DITTO- to all of you. I am about to write to GE money because although THEY had a problem accessing two payments by Direct Debit they did not see fit to notify me and when I contacted them by phone I could not convince the guy at the other end that no money had been taken from my account which I had checked constantly. He was convinced that payments had been received. Now like Bod my card was stopped and I had the embarrassment in Tesco’s of paying by another means.

  • Jamie says:

    GE money have 10 million customers and a very small minority have serious problems, unfortunatly some people do and will have problems because that is a hug amount of people to deal with! I think that alot of peolpe exagerate with their storys and that if you are going to borrow money you should make sure you read your terms and conditions, carfully! If you dont screw with the creditors they wont screw with you, well except for the interest rates, but you would know that is what you will pay before borrowing. So the moral of the story is if you want to be stupid idiots and borrow money because you have no will power to save, then DONT GET CREDIT, simple.

  • james says:

    old now but if your account/sort code was incorrect the direct debit setup would have failed. Obviously the system checks to see if it is a valid bank account before it is activated, it wouldn’t be possible to activate one from an invalid account number/sort code unless by coincidence it belonged to someone else, so yeah you were told a load of crap. If the setup does fail then a letter it sent out to inform you….so what happened with yours I don’t know.
    I’m not directing this at the original blog or comments but I can assure you that the majority of customers who do have an issue are in the wrong or have made the mistake – the problem the staff are too stupid to be able to explain/resolve it.
    Yes I do work there and I can assure you that the average IQ most staff only just makes it into double figures. I really can’t put into words how utterly incompetent and stupid 90% of the staff are.

  • glynis says:

    well i have also been slapped with a late payment and intrest when i have never been late paying. I did not receive my last statement in the post but was told not their problem just pay up. i complained and was told i would be refunded as a gesture of good will, but hey it was their mistake in the first place.
    Big companies like this need to be named and shamed.

  • GE Team Leader says:

    Oh Well all I can say is yes I work for GE as a Team Leader in Collections. No most of the staff are not idiots. Most staff work part time and are studying for degrees so are not stupid people. BUT think about dealing with abusive, rude, customers all day long who dont understand what they have signed for on credit agreemtns and having to repeat yourself over and over and over and over again. Its not interesting work at the end of the day.
    Lets all blame the credit crunch or irresponsible lending but people who get into finincial difficulties should maybe write down their out goings each month before signing for a card and thinking about the level of charges – if you dont like interest and late charges pay your bill in full on time. Thats what you agreed to after all.

  • Griffin Mill says:

    I usually shop at Topman and they have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tried to get me to sign up to their card. I had tried to avoid it until one day another bit of pressuring occured when they insisted I’d get such a big discount on that day’s purchase if I signed up, that I decided to go ahead. Big mistake
    Paying off an amount every month is not enough. GE money phones and phones and phones and phones and phones demanding their money, and athey are only too happy to charge high interest and late fees when it was never arranged in the first place the exact date each month I would be making a payment.
    The phonecalls are never=ending, and the threatening letters are an absolute nuisance.
    It is not like I walked into Topman demanding that I sign up for this card, they made it such a hassle for me to repeatedly say “no” and bribed me so often, that I eventually relented. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

  • Anth Young says:

    Pay your bills on time to the correct account number and stop trying to get things for free or over turned cos your too dumb to pay on time and you will not get any charges!!

  • ROB says:

    I’ve had a car loan with GE money for five years and in that time I have had what GE likes to call enforcment expences.of over $800 four times and have paid in full every time without question.because I have been late with payements so I have no problem with late fees if i’m late but 12 mnths ago I recieved an email stating I owed $1200 so I organized to pay it off which i did or so I thought apparently I owed $38 and instead of informing me they waited until it was back to $845 and said it was from (enforcement expences) when I queried it I was told they couldn’t contact me even though my email and mobile no. and house no. have been the same for the life of the loan so I contacted finnacial advisor and when she contacted GE they said couldn’t contact him she advised them no details had changed they claimed the expences were from when my car was reposesed and my car has always been in my possesion so she has got to the stage were she has closed the file because she cant get any sense out of them either no I am at the stage the car should have been paid for in full two mnths ago and I just recieved a letter to say I still owe $1100 I’ve tryed contacting Debt help line but answering machine:( there is also so many inconsistances in info and statements and after reading above letters I understand why every time you ring GE you get a different person if the only people they hire are uni students and there so interested in there degrees I also understand why they have no idea what your talking about or who you last spoke to or if that person even works for GE anymore I also now understand why they dont give a F##K

  • John says:

    Nightmare, yes I have GE nightmares. I had £43.43 debited to my card(GE PayPal) last January relating to a an item that I knew absolutely nothing about, three months later after many ‘phone and letter conacts I finally got them to put the item on pending. I closed the account. A new card and account was received which I promptly cut the card and returned with instructions to close the account. This is the final straw, I have just received a letter saying that they have audited my old account and find that there is a debit of £21.01 (No mention of who) dated SEPTEMBER 2007 that they failed to transfer to the new account and that it will show on my next statement. What statement ?, the account is closed and I do not receive statements.
    My other GE (Debenhams) has remained unused since March 2008 as I do not feel confident in its use.

  • Sean says:

    I missed a payment on a Debenhams card because the bill was wrapped in a Debenhams advertisement and it looked like junk mail. (Why do I think that may have been intentional?) OK my fault I suppose. Result, £12 late payment charge, interest, needlessly threatening letter. 0870 number to sort it out (see above comment about avoiding this with “say no to 0870” website). I feel mugged and contaminated just dealing with them, they are a nasty unpleasant operation. I am going to cancel all my GE cards.

  • sam darby says:

    i bought washing amchint wiv the misses in 2004 from conet sory comet ok we knew it was 0%over 9months we had baby etc forgot ok we split up last year ,im still paying aperently i have sofar made 22 late payments i paid £9.22 today 27/8/09 i should finish paying 8/3/09 paying total £566 for the machine ,ok fine you know wish we had been reminded and or rememberd to payoff ballance ,well of course ive got to pay the so 15×22 in late payment charges they never once asked me to pay last months payment ie i should pay 15+9.22 or £ they are going to save it untill the end i ahve only been told this today27/8/08,in my agrement it dosnt say how much i must pay the late charges per month so im thinking of offering one pence per month ,problem is if they are going to charge 29% interest on the late payment charges this could have serious finacial consequences for my great great great grandchildren ,WHAT SHOULD I DO .

  • Andrew Stevenson says:

    Considering that GE have over 10 million customer’s and having 30 customer’s complaints on here doesn’t seem to bad.
    Can i just point out the only way a customer get’s late payment charges is when they have missed a payment this is a fact. If customer sign for credit through any company and miss payment they will incur charges!!!!Can i point out GE charge £12 for late payment not £30 like your own bank will!!!!!!
    I do agree that GE have got improvements to make but so has every company that deal with finance or any customer. Can i point out everyone complains everyday how many complaints do you have againgst your local supermarket foor example????
    Alot of peoples complaints are about charges and interest to stop this happening pay your bill by your due date and pay it in full and no interest is charged finiance isn’t a hard thing to understand purchase a item the next day pay it off in full then there would be no issues. I agree with one of the comments that if customer’s and even stores ring the right number to get there complaint resolved the department would be able to resolve there issues in half the times and wouldn’t have to PASS CALLS THROUGH AND PLACE CALLS ON HOLD (obviously rang the wrong department)
    I do agree that GE could do more for customers but due to FSA regulations that all financial institutes have to follow this isn’t always possible.
    I have used GE for 3 years and i feel that the service i have recieved has been of a good standard.

  • Andrew Bowden says:

    Whilst I don’t normally do this kind of thing, it’s worth stating on the record that the previous comment came from a GE owned email address. GE is a big company with fingers in many pies, and it does not necessarily mean that the previous comment came from someone working for GE Money.

  • i think every one on the website that has a complaint should really look at them-selvs. if you dont pay on time or to the right amout what do you expect, a charge – this is because GE incur that cost if this occurs. those of you who think you know your Ts and Cs read again!! – it is YOUR RESPONCIBILITY to pay on time and the correct amount. and it is also your responcibility to maintian your account – at the end of the day you all know that you have the credit, whether you change address or dont pay or dont fill in you direct debit form correctly you still have to pay every month on time.
    and to the fool who previous described the staff at GE as idiots and because most are students they dont care – let me correct you, i am a student and work for GE, i come into contact with over 8000 account per month, most of which have a query to be resolved or looked into (some just simply want to pay). i gain great passion for working with my customers to find the resolution to their problems and ensuring that they know what is to happen next on their account. most customer simply require education about due amounts, dates and payment options.
    alot of people are just out for what they can get – and like every other credit suplier we are not stupid and we can spot you all, so if you are on here complaining about a charge that you encured – whos fault truely is it??? yours i think!
    each and every one of you are complaining because you dont like being told that you are wrong! and you are taking the time out of your sad and pathetic lives complaining about people who work dam hard to help people with their accounts – and help people who are no longer able to afford their credit make their situations easier.
    please take the time to realise that the world does not revolve around you and that you are not the only person with a credit card – your not the only one to have been charged for a fault of your own either.
    i wonder how many of you have taken the time to complain about other credit suppliers and indeed your own bank?? and i wonder how many of you, despite stating that you will never us GE again still have one of their products in your home?? (if you are going to answer no to this then look around do you have a TV, toaster, Elictricity or light bulbs- then your buying GE).
    we have lots of different customers at GE – but i can quite safely say you lot come under the PIG IGNORANT group of customers. good news though you are a minority!!!

  • Andrew Bowden says:

    Wow. I’m glad not everyone at GE Money has the attitude they have. For the record “GE Collections Advisor”, GE Money does make mistakes themselves sometimes – no company is ever perfect – and its attitudes like this that stop customers who have genuine grievances from getting them resolved in a proper, efficient manner.

  • Don't trust GE Money says:

    Don’t trust GE Money’s website.
    I recently found I was unable to connect to GE Money from Debenhams’ website to check my statements, even when I tried during low traffic periods (2am). After several days I finally managed to check my online statement and tried to pay my bill. The website ‘hung’ for some time before informing me that my payment was unsuccessful. I tried again and this time was successful, albeit too successful – the payment was debited twice!
    I called GE Money using their freephone number from and the rsult of this was that I had to waste time travelling into my bank to fill out a form to claw back my own money, which I am still waiting for some 3 weeks later.
    GE money’s website is difficult to connect to (and this has nothing to with my Internet connection as I was able to ‘ping’ every other site I tried with success), and obviously buggy since no database should allow inconsistencies i.e. a payment should not proceed if an unsuccessful payment message is sent back to the user. This is known as ‘atomicity’ in database terminology and is one of the fundamental requirements of building a database that only a complete idiot would overlook.
    So, in conclusion, do not trust payments using GE money’s website. As soon as this matter is resolved I’m cancelling my card.
    No wonder this site is 5th in google’s rankings for the search string ‘ge money’. I think I’ll write GE Money again just to see if I can get it up to position number 4…. GE Money, GEMONEY! 😉

  • Grimbilino says:

    What a f—n’ laugh i’ve just had reading comments from GE employees. I’m Scottish, well from the Kingdom Of Fife actually. To put it politely you GE employees can’t even fuckin’ spell correctly. you all get my XXXXXXX blood pressure up. No wonder i don’t call you. I’d rather take my dogs’ for a walk than waste an hour on the ‘phone to you dimwits’. Good fkin nite!

  • Naz says:

    I started to think i am at fault but reading all this has made me realise i’m not the only one ge are trying to rip off!!
    Ge staff are illiterate people put there to take phone calls and pass them onto someone else and so on. I’ve been trying to sort out a late payment fee with ge that wasnt my fault, and what do you know? i’ve written letters, made numerous phonecalls to practically everyone in the department and all i get is another damn bill added with a new late payment fee!!!!

  • Bob says:

    Mr Grimbilino……
    Trying to be clever regarding spelling and grammar? Isn’t “I” a capital when referring to ones self? Yes I am a GE employee with an English language degree.
    If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it, if you’re desperate for something and have no cash, see your bank, although you’ll probably complain about them too. C’est la vie.

  • Don't trust GE Money - TO BOB says:

    Well then Bob, the GE employee with an English language degree, I suppose you forgot to use your grammar checker when you typed ‘ones self’, and you actually meant to type ‘oneself’ or ‘one’s self’?
    And as for the ‘if you can’t afford it don’t buy it’ argument; many of the people here, myself included, only use their credit cart for Internet transactions due to the security provided. It has nothing to do with not being able to ‘afford it’.
    Besides, the fact that some people do get into debt does NOT excuse GE money from providing good customer service, as you implied. This is the sort of stupid reasoning that someone who has lost an argument resorts to.
    Is it no wonder that GE Money has such bad press when it employs halfwits!

  • Andrew Bowden says:

    This is a heated topic and has taken off in ways I never expected.
    However I would like to remind everyone to be nice and not to trade personal insults. I’ve recently deleted a couple of comments which came in which I felt had crossed the line (and I’ve spent much time trying to work out what has crossed the line and what has not). Deleting is far easier than me trying to edit posts to remove anything I consider dubious. Insulting corporations is fine – but targeting specific people is not. This does not mean you can’t highlight something you consider to be a mistakes made by someone else in their comment (or indeed my post), however please do so in a careful and considered way.
    If your comment hasn’t appeared, you may wish to re-write and re-submit with this in mind.
    It may also be worth re-mentioning the blog comments publishing policy – especially the bit which says “This website is not a free-for-all forum [and] does not guarantee freedom of speech.”

  • JC says:

    My story is too long to put here and covers 6 years of hell with GE
    Money.last week
    They sent me a letter with my balance on it saying they were charging
    me a £25.00 trace fee as they had to find me to send the letter. I had
    already given them my new name and address 3 months before. Anyway, I
    sent a cheque for the full amount the following day and then received a
    letter saying I was still in arrears and thet they would be taking
    further action if i didn’t pay. I phoned them and was told that , yes,
    they had received my payment and that i was now in credit!! They had
    cancelled my charges as a “good will gesture”!!!??? Not likely. More
    like they found the info i had sent them that they hadn’t acted on!! I
    can have a refund, but to have it in my new name i have to write to
    them and supply a copy of my marriage certificate. More hassle!! I will
    glad to see the back of GE Money as they don’t know their arse from
    their elbow!!! They are a real pain!!I would never recommend them to
    anyone and they need to train their staff better to be able to read
    correspondence that is sent to them for action.
    Avoid GE Money at all costs!!!

  • Catherine Howe says:

    I have just spend 2 hrs trying to speak to someone about a refund that has not been credited to my account from last November, yes thats how long this has been going on for, and they have now had the cheek to send me a letter asking me to pay the amount again!
    Its incredibly frustrating that you can’t actually speak to someone, but are asked to put your complaint in writing!
    They are rubbish and I feel really sorry for the poor call centre workers in India who get all the flak!
    Phew I feel a bit better now!

  • louise says:

    HI louise again- Firstly I am a GE employee in the collections dept, secondly I would like to say that I am ashamed and embarrassed at the previous comments left by ’employees’ I only wish i knew who these people were- ive worked there for 3 years while studying to be a teacher i thoroughly enjoy my work and i ensure every customer is happy at the end of a call with me no matter what the issue. as previous comments- the spelling mistakes from ‘ge staff’ is shocking and perhaps the issue isnt with the company itself but more like the recruitment process!!!! apologies to all on behalf of GE Money- if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your call request it to be escalated- you’ll speak to a Team leader if your still not happy this can go to our complaints team and 8/10 you’ll get your way right or wrong!!! to JC- check that your credit ratings not been affected by the trace letter as for us to send this to you your acc would normally be in arrears for minimum of 2 months- good luck to all n more importantly know your rights if you speak to someone crap in GE- dont accept it !!!!!

  • naz says:

    I do’nt think its fair to say ALL the staff at ge are not doing their job properly. Its unfortunate how the wrong people get the stick for the incompetence and unproffessional behaviour of others.
    But ge is so disorganised its unbelievable, I have been in magaement myself and everyone knows that disorganisation of an organisation or company is down to management.
    So what is ge management doing?
    If a bill is sent out a customer, where are the contacts or numbers for help or advise from the company? the direct address for complaints? the direct phoneline for help, advise or complaints? and i mean a direct line and not just an automated service where the customer has to hang up after the end of the call without speaking to a proffessional and capable staff member because there isnt one in the end.
    Thanks for the comment from ge staff member on “if you cant afford it, dont buy it”
    well let me tell you i’m a health proffessional on 50+k a year. I can afford it, but why should anyone have to pay for your incompetence? and for that attitude and service??? NO THANKYOU. But money doesnt grow on trees and for your information we all work hard for every penny, so we have the right to qeustion when its wasted.

  • naz says:

    I do’nt think its fair to say ALL the staff at ge are not doing their job properly. Its unfortunate how the wrong people get the stick for the incompetence and unproffessional behaviour of others.
    But ge is so disorganised its unbelievable, I have been in magaement myself and everyone knows that disorganisation of an organisation or company is down to management.
    So what is ge management doing?
    If a bill is sent out a customer, where are the contacts or numbers for help or advise from the company? the direct address for complaints? the direct phoneline for help, advise or complaints? and i mean a direct line and not just an automated service where the customer has to hang up after the end of the call without speaking to a proffessional and capable staff member because there isnt one in the end.
    Thanks for the comment from ge staff member on “if you cant afford it, dont buy it”
    well let me tell you i’m a health proffessional on 50+k a year. I can afford it, but why should anyone have to pay for your incompetence? and for that attitude and service??? NO THANKYOU. But money doesnt grow on trees and for your information we all work hard for every penny, so we have the right to qeustion when its wasted.

  • Catherine Howe says:

    Having spent most of the day on the ‘phone to various GE emplyees both in India and in the UK I finally managed to speak to someone helpful, he even tracked down the person who had written the letter to me and told him what he thought of him!
    I have now been assured that my account has been cleared ”as a gesture of goodwill”, so I still couldn’t get them to admit they’d made a mistake!
    My advice is to really make a fuss and refuse to be fobbed off with them telling you to put your complaint in writing, I told them I wanted it sorted that day and they got someone to ‘phone me back so it was their ‘phone bill!

  • David Mullen says:

    Interesting reading on the pro’s and cons of ge,my own expierience of ge aint so bad.
    Originally we purchased our council house through preffered mortgages (now theres a cowboy outfit for you) anyway we put up with there shenanigans for a few years and opted to jump ship and get a better rate,we went through a broker who where pretty good tho probably just as expensive as there competition.they came up with ge who where happy to give us a better rate tho still a bit higher than most lenders but when yer trying to improve your credit rating then sometimes yer gonna bite the bullet.we’ve been with them nearly a year and at the end of the 3yr fixed term.the said brokers will contact us and look for a better deal free of charge. to date we’ve had no problems with ge but then again we’ve not missed a payment and quite confident of lowering our mortage payments by at least 2.5%.if ge’s rate is competitive then i would presume we would stay with them. to those who do have problems with ge then whatever else you decide ffs dont go to preffered mortgages.

  • keith says:

    We do read the agreements before we sign, but in the UK in the past the public have been educated to trust its finacial institutions…but this was wrong, hell I dont even know how GE hangs on to its credit licence.. I planned to be able to repay my £15k loan, untill the repayment doubled, I have just repayed it in full had to pay £23k! add to this the £11k iv made in payments £34k for a £15k loan good business? no its theft.
    Was in a crown court recently and you should have heard the judges comments on the greed of GE… its time for action and lets rid the country of these legalised loan sharks…
    If they think they are so good why cant you go and visit them and discuss your problems…no they are wind up merchants and hide behind their computors… I have started legal actoin against them and will not give in..

  • Rockgirl says:

    Well, this looks like a good place to post MY complaint. I do not have late payment problems with GE and currently have a $0 balance in good standing, but I recently lost my card (not stolen, just lost in some boxes when I recently moved). Upon contacting GE about obtaining my account number, which I required to pay my auto repair bill and thus pick up my car that evening, I was told to go to the merchant, and the account number would be relayed to them. GE even increased my credit line very graciously.
    I then drove over 100 miles to the repair shop that had my car. When I got there, GE was phoned, and they REFUSED to give myself or the merchant the account number! How was I expected to pay my bill!? What was especially frustrating was the fact that although the customer service representatives were treated very fairly on our end, they continually hung up on us!
    Later, after I placed my entire $4K auto bill on a credit card with 29% interest rate and drove back 100 miles to my residence, my husband phoned GE again. This time, the customer service rep accused him of calling her a bad name and hung up! I was right there, and he did no such thing! In fact, he was very pleasant with KRISTIN (the rep). Unbelievable that we were receiving this horrible service. When we asked to cancel the account, guess what they asked for? Yep, the account number!
    Fortunately, I was FINALLY able to obtain my account number from my credit report. This leads me to wonder, if anyone can readily access my account number from my credit report, what is the F-ing big deal about telling me what it is over the phone!? Go ahead, ask me any personal questions you want, I can answer!
    Please, someone at GE respond to this because I am completely confused. No other creditor behaves this way, and believe me, I have had a lot of experience (good and bad) with almost every major bank in America! In fact, at Home Depot, I frequently call to ask for my account number! It’s not a problem there….
    If it wasn’t for the fact that the repair shop has offered me no interest on the GE account, I would cancel. Guaranteed. I guess I’ll just let them loan me money interest free though. Now I have to drive back there 100 miles, and they will refund my original purchase and charge the GE account…now that I have the account number! I wonder what will happen next…they need an expiration date?
    -Rockgirl is Pissed in So Cal

  • Keith knight says:

    Well things dont improve mortgage with GE now paid of in full and they still trying to send me bills for more charges…. these guys are loan sharks… why dont we unhappy people in the uk get to gether and all write to the ombudsman at the same time voicing our concerns about this rather shady company…some thing will have to be done..

  • Brock says:

    I’m going through a nightmare situation with these idiots right now. Hopefully someone who knows a little bit can help me out here. I’ve exhausted every possible resource through GE and have turned to outside help. I just submitted a thourough complaint with the Better Business Bureau listing every detail I could think of. If this doesn’t work, how do I go about getting a lawyer to file suit against them? And once I get it settled, how do I go about getting this off my credit history? [email protected] is my email and any help would be amazing. I’ll check on here and my email. Thanks fellow GE haters!! They do not speak English, they lie through their teeth, and they are the rudest people alive.

  • Bob Burnett says:

    I took out a loan with GE money 16 months ago for the purpose of paying off various credit cards, bank loans etc. One of the loans to be paid off was one that i took out to pay for double glazing with Ge money. It was at the top of the list for consolidation. A few weeks ago i recieved a phone call from them looking for payment of arrears on this loan. I was gobsmacked, had this loan been sitting ,while i was making no payments towards it , for 16months . I`m still waiting for an explanation and currently have no idea what`s going on.I asked for a list of the creditors that were paid, they sent me a statement instead showing what i pay and the interest. I only have two questions, why was this loan not paid off in full, and why has it taken 16 months for them to bring this to my attention. I`m prepared to sell my property and move into rented accomidation so that i can get rid of these parasites, i`m so angry.

  • Keith Knight says:

    Well the saga goes on, sold my house and redeemed the mortgage with GE on the 31st Oct, got a letter from them yesterday saying I was in arears of £2159.96, just spoke to my solicitors who say, they returned the bank transer because they wanted a further £40…I am fuming, I hear though that the end is near for these loan sharks looks like many solicitors are going to refuse to handle transactions that involve GE Money, that will mean they will be removed from the lending panel…GE we Britts are peed off with your sharp practises and will boot your arses out of this country, must say that insoite of this you made a loss this year hehe..

  • Andrew Bowden says:

    Good luck with it all – sounds like you might need it :/

  • joanne stewart says:

    ge money what a joke.myself and my hubby took out a mortgage 2 years ago at 7.1% p/a
    and were told that after 12 months ,providing no missed payments we would be offered a lower interest 2 years on we`ve phoned and were told absolutely no way would our rate be reduced.and try to say that no one would have told us that to start with….they havent even driooed the same as normal banks,,,what a joke.thinking of taking legal advice.what do u think???????

  • Kevin Cleaver says:

    To follow on from Joanne Stewarts comment GE have now increased their rates by 1.95% where eveyone else is following the Bank of England rate changes

  • Dave Hannon says:

    Yesterday the 27/11/2008 I received 2 letters from GE Money (as I have 2 accounts) stating that they were increasing their variable lending rate by 1.95%, this letter also pointed out that they were not aligned to the Bank of England Lending Rate, I phoned GE Money to ask what the justification was for the increase as it was obvious they were not linked to the LIBOR rate either as interest rates were reasonably stable at the moment, I was told that GE used other factors. My comment was if they were not using any measurable system for calculating interest rates what was to stop them increasing the rates in January and again and again, GE’s representative said “nothing I suppose”, he then went on to say that GE Money was a sub prime lender and they paid more to lend money, at this I was appalled as I had taken the first account out through Safestyle UK for replacement windows and had recently bought a tv from Comet, at no time was I told I was purchasing through a sub prime lender who although supposedly is licensed to trade with the FSA could increase interest rates at any time.
    I forgot to mention that in with the 2 letters I received telling me my payments had increased and would be collected starting the 20th December was a pamphlet reminding customers of the penalty payments should they fall behind with there payments, nice.

  • Gemma Greenshields says:

    I am 18 years old, just, and have recently opened an account with GE in favour of River Island Fashions. A few days ago I received two letters from GE, with the same postal delivery,one a statement of my account with payment due detailed as 7 pounds.
    The second letter was a demand for payment for the same amount along with a demand for 12 pounds late payment fee. What!!!
    They had obviously cocked up by sending my statement late, for which I am being penalized.
    I was going to try to contact their customer services department but from what I have read here, I would be wasting my time. Instead I will therefore clear my account and dump the card.
    As for River Island…you have lost a customer !
    GE sucks !!

  • Keith says:

    Well said Gemma but a word of advice, make sure you cancel your card after you have paid it off, because they will find an excuse to add a charge on , then interest and missed payment charges monthly you may find in a few years time you have a debt of thousands, they will then sell that debt on , which will then double and if you own property will get a dodgery old judge to put a caution on the land registry title so you cant sell your house, EVEN IF THE DEBT IS UNSECURED.. watch out these are not good people, theve had to rebrand once allready because of their bad reputation… as for the store go back and tell them how you feel, and explain how GE reflects badly on their image.
    Good Luck GIRL

  • Keith Riley says:

    Ive Just just requested a final Balance from GE for windows I had fitted 7 years ago(its almost as much as the orginal cost.)I was hoping to settle the account this month but after reading this blog am now pretty scared on how to do this, can anyone tell me how to pay it of without incuring penalties?. I retired 2 years ago and I cant afford either financialy or mentally to have any problems with them

  • brock says:

    Any thoughts on stirring up a class action lawsuit against these crooks? I’d be willing to do a big part but I would certainly need some guidance and support. Please let me know.

  • Dave Hannon says:

    Stop Complaining and Help Yourself!
    Look around on the web and you will find thousands of horror stories about the various GE financial services and its getting no better, what is frightening is this company is huge and the misery they are causing is going largely unseen by the government or the media.
    Why not try and get some attention on this problem, write an open letter email and send it to every person or group that may be willing to help us. GE are not going to stop this shameful behaviour of there own accord.
    We have a moment in time when these issues may be listened to, it only takes one email to be taken seriously for the ball to start rolling, once the wolve start baying at GE we may see a little justice.
    I have added some email addresses to the bottom, my advice is don’t just cc the lot as they will get ignored, pick out specific ones for single emails, like David Cameron etc, sorry I couldn’t get Brown’s address as he has had it removed. These are all valid email addresses.
    Dave Hannon
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected] (online form)
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • brock says:

    Dave, all of these sites are from the UK. Will they still be able to help me out?

  • Dave Hannon says:

    Sorry Brock

  • brock says:

    It’s ok, I appreciate any help. How would I go about finding a list like this for the US?

  • Clive says:

    I never miss an opportunity to criticise GE for their incompetence and venality.
    Don’t EVER sign up for a Store Card supplied by GE.
    It took me nearly two years to sort out my stepfather’s account during which payments were ‘not received’, I was consistently lied to and even ‘proof of posting’ letters were ‘not received’.
    ‘Registered Mail’ did the trick though, after all, someone has to sign for it, and I reluctantly paid off the bogus extra charges and cancelled his account as Power of Attorney.
    Yes, the following year, a new card arrived!

  • former GE employee says:

    I have also recently been employed by GE but left after they accused me of skipping calls. (In other words needed to let go of a few staff due to the global economic slowdown.)
    As a company GE are terrible with their staff and the managers don’t have a clue. The top boss is more interested in flirting and making up ‘fun quizzes’ then taking into the account the poor credit policies GE should be looking at improving.
    In my particular site the managers mainly didn’t know what they were doing and complaining about having to be at work. The majority of the staff hated their jobs and often took it out on customers. GE money contact centre advisors didn’t know their own policies and this was often portrayed through on floor arguments about which was the right answer to give to the customer.
    Also, taking into account other comments you are correct it is a lot of students who just don’t care, i was one of them, but the majority of the time i did try to do right by the company. BUT, it is sometimes very hard when you know the company won’t always have your best interests at heart. I had 1 coaching session in 3 months of employment and i should have had 6 to make sure i was learning the material adequately.
    On the whole, poor management, poor business structure and a poor employee moral. This is mainly because they make you do silly tasks like putting magazine cuttings on to your on star to be put up on a board rather than getting on with the job your payed to do. As far the GE employee i have little to say. He didn’t take into account what anyone had argued. Instead he decided just to argue away with his own points taking his own job dissatisfaction out once again on his customers in his own poorly misspelled, grammatically terrible, attack.

  • Goldlady from the Consumer Action Group says:

    I love GE – not. When we hit financial problems they would not help with our secured loan, saying they could not restructure the loan until the arrears were cleared – they issued repossession proceedings just before Christmas 3 years ago. Family lent us the money to pay them off and we have since reclaimed all the silly £40 charges via a court claim and refinanced the loan with a better lender. Their debt counsellor, who cost a further £70, told us to stop paying our credit cards. As four of them were GE storecards we took his advice and have since defeated the lot in court.
    We still have to address the 2.5k early repayment charge which we had to pay and which would have applied even if we had repaid the loan one day early after 15 years. Another court case on the way.

  • keith knight says:

    Well done Goodlady, Im trying to claim back my charges, but they are insistant that i am not due a refund, did you fully take them to court and get judgement or did they settle at the death?
    I agree with you about the early repayment charge, Its my view that if they go for repossion they are forcing you to repay the loan early, and in my view not entitled to the early settlement fee,, how can I find out more about your consumer action group?

  • Goldlady from the Consumer Action Group says:

    Hi Keith, they started making offers as soon as they received my court claim. I managed to bargain them upwards until I was happy with the result. They kept up with the court process but I didn’t get as far as the courtroom. Tried to make me sign a ‘vow of silence’ but I refused!!
    If the blog owner doesn’t mind me telling you, the website I and many others work on advising people about all sorts of financial matters is

  • KEITH kNIGHT says:

    Thanks for that Goldlady, at least it shows that these rats will back down when cornered

  • Daz says:

    My parents are stuck with these bunch of con- artists too.
    When my mother lost her job due to the bakery where she worked for over 20 years closing down she contacted GE to let them know she would need to claim from the insurance that she had taken out ON THEIR ADVICE and was told they had nothing to do with it. They passed her on to another company who then took so long sorting things out and wanting to know the in’s and out’s of the tiniest, most pathetic detail that when they eventually starting paying what they were contractually obliged to pay my mum had supposedly missed 2 months payments and they refused to backdate it. This then escalated with them being shouted at, lied to, threatened with legal action eventually resulting in a reposession order on my parents’ house. Luckily, a judge laughed it out of court saying that he had had many dealings with this bunch of idiots but it’s still snowballing, currently standing at over £2000 for the 2 missed payments plus fines and interest that the great GE money making machine has added on and keeps adding on. It’s so bad my parents are now looking to sell their house back to the local authority to pay off these bastards, and they will then have to rent it back from the council.
    Sorry to be so vitriolic but my parents should be enjoying themselves at this time in their lives. My father has terminal leukaemia and really doesn’t need all this stress. I rue the day they ever got involved with this company. I’d love to meet one of the company directors down a dark alley and have a quiet word in his ear!

  • Justin trying to buy a house says:

    In December of 2007, my wife and I bought a bed through Select Comfort, with deferred interest until the end of January 2009. We just recently started looking for a house, but we wanted to make sure we could get the best interest rate possible. So, we decided to pay down some credit cards, and we were fortunately able to pay down this GE card to $0. After this, we needed to send our account number to the credit bureau so they could do a manual rescore of our credit. One problem: We hadn’t received any billing statements for the bed, and thus, we didn’t know the account number.
    So, it was time to call GE. My wife took the first round. After supplying the CS Rep with the necessary credentials (i.e., address, social security number, phone number), the representative would not give her the account number. He told her to wait for the first statement to come through the mail. This would take 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately, we already found a house, and wanted to move towards closing on it. Time was an issue. He said there was nothing he could do, good day and good bye.
    Round 2 was the next day, my wife again. She was given the same run-around, and was becoming quite frustrated. After some debating, she asked for a supervisor. 45 minutes later, someone finally answered. (To any GE Employees here, 45 minutes is unacceptable, and there is no possible excuse you could provide to explain this.) The supervisor finally answers, and my wife again explains the story. The supervisor then repeats the same garbage. After debating the fact that as a customer, we have the right to our own private information, the supervisor became quite abrasive. My wife admittedly began to use some vulgar language. Prior to being hung up on, she asked if we were being discriminated against because we paid off the debt before interest kicked in, and GE Money wasn’t making money off of us. The supervisor replied that it was a ridiculous claim, then hung up.
    Round 3 was my turn. I called up and got another John Smith customer service rep. I politely ran through the story, and he told me that they could release the account number to a physical store. I said thanks, and bye. So, I called my local Select Comfort store. Guess what they said? “We don’t do any dealings with GE Money customer service for customers.” I wasn’t surprised or angry, I just wanted to know if they did it at all. So, I call back GE Money.
    Round 4 was the knockout. I get one last John Smith rep, and I explain the story to him and that I know he can’t help me, so I asked to just be forwarded off to a supervisor. Just a few minutes later, I got a supervisor on the phone. I again explained the situation. She had a different story. She said that the account was apparently closed, and that she couldn’t physically see my information. I told her that several other employees would vouch differently, either that or they all lied to me. This put her on the defensive, and put her back into a “I have the information but I won’t give it to you” mood. So, I asked for a supervisor above her. She said that she didn’t have one. Bingo! I asked rather sarcastically if she was the CEO of GE Money, to which she replied no, and that she couldn’t help me. She began the process of hanging up, when I butted in and said I needed one other thing. She was obligated to answer. I asked for her first and last name, and her employee identification number. I verified that she was an upper-level supervisor, and notified her that I was in the process of filing a report with the Better Business Bureau with her identification on it. If she was lying to me, when the complaint was investigated, someone would find out that she lied. I told her that she best tell the truth before I also call the Attorney General’s office (who happens to be a family friend) or else it might come back to her. This must of scared her, because I finally got the account number.
    I can only imagine what would have happened if we didn’t pay this thing off, and expected the bill to come in. Oh what fun I might have been in for.

  • Steve says:

    I took out a secured loan through I Group which is really GE Money in Feb 2006. Due to an unexpected job loss I was unable to maintain the full payments and contacted GE to discuss any payment options whilst I was looking for work, what a waste of time that was! and after only 2 months they started repossesion proceedings which I managed to delay. Anyway in Sept 06 I had to sell my house for other reasons and managed to pay of the loan to Ge Money my solicitor told me that he knew all about GE money and how bad they were and his advice was never to use them again in anyway even for credit/storecards etc. After 15 months I had a letter from my solicitor containg a cheque for £41.50 which GE money said they owed me, why it took them 15 months I will never know.
    The cheque was made out in joint names and as I was no longer with the same person I have been trying for just over a year now to get the payment changed and paid direct into my account. A couple of weeks ago I wrote to them and said that unless I received the payment I would take them to court,as I’m sure they would have done even for such a small amount and I had a reply which included an authorisation form to sign and confirmation of the bank account details I wanted the money paid into which I had already given them. On checking the account details on their letter they were going to pay the refund into their own account and not mine? I know things are not good for banks etc at the moment but I’m sure they can afford £41.50.
    I did ring last week and was assured the money would be in my account by today (Mon) but of course it’s not, so I shall ring them again.
    Anyway if anyone is thinking of using GE Money then take my solicitors advice and leave them well alone. GE may be good at building aircraft engines and medical equipment but at financial services, I think not.
    PS. The grammer of the alleged GE employees is terrible and may explain a lot of the complaints.

  • Andrew Cooper says:

    I bought shoes at Debenhams last week and was offered a Debenhams Card to get 10% discount. I gave my details and finally the women at the till wanted me to subscribe a credit card agreement. I refused. Yesterday I got a letter from Debenhams bank in Leeds with a credit card attached and saying that I have an agreement with them. They want to charge 25% interest I think, and I have 14 days to cancel in WRITING! I am extremly annoyed and will never forgive Debenhams for this!!! And I write to Trading Standards!

  • heather says:

    Well I dont have anything from ge money but I am considering it. After reading this I must say the attitude from the people working for ge money appauls me, They have lied and most people do read the T and C but do not expect to be ripped off, lied to and made to feel like idiots, I will agree there is a minority who are out for what they can get but not everyone. When you have a copy of your direct debit form that is filled in correctly and your then told the reason you have charges is that it is filled in wrong would boil anyones blood now you may say im stupid but isnt that proof that the person was telling lies over the telephone, also can I just say as these are financial matters the they must be FSA regulated and there for all calls are recorded which is why i find it disgusting that these advisors can tell such lies. So next time you ring up with a problem make a note of the time and date then if you cant get to the bottom of it then ask for a copy of the recording and for management to listen to the recording etc. This alone will prove who is lying the customer or the advisor

  • Keith Knight says:

    Funny thing is Heather, if you call them and say you are recording the conversation they will say its interferring with my headset and terminate the calls…think they are lying about recording all the calls, and asking for a copy draws a blank under their privacy laws….they are con artists and I can prove it like so many others on this site…FSA they are a joke their second in command has just resigned for his part in the HBOS collapse, which was bailed out by our money…lets face it banks and money lenders have been sailing close to the wind for years, ripping off people like you and at long last we are being heard things must change, and will change, companys like GE will be the first to go…

  • Tombo says:

    Read all the comments with interest (Ha Ha), but now really worried. Had my mortgage with GE since October 07, and never had a problem. Am I living in a fool’s paradise ?. Is my World going to crash around me at some future date?.

  • Keith K says:

    Hope not Tombo…but for starters take your monthly payment X it by the number of monthly payments you gonna make take away the amount you borrowed, the resultant figure may bring you out into a sweat, now think to the future if any thing in your life changes and you cannot make those payments..expect that figure to at least double…. thats called im a GE Money customer satisfaction feeling..

  • Dave Hannon says:

    GOOD NEWS!!! Maybe
    In with my Edge card monthly statement was a notification that GE had sold out to Santander the company that now owns Abbey.
    Santander have a reputation of being responsible lenders and have there own customer services policies, lets hope they sack the existing customer services system and take it over completely. If not trade will continue as normal.

  • Ron Steward says:

    I took out Ge Loan for windows i had from Zenith.after a few hours of their rep.the windows were £1555.00,the rep asked if i would like insurence cover which would be another £195.00 in turn just an extra £3.84 per month.over 120 months =total £1750 pounds ,so i agreed.this was taken out in 1988 in 2000 i paid the account in full.
    after a short time i received a letter saying i was behind on ins payments so incurred charges. I phoned GE to say that it was paid in full to which they replied that yes the windows were paid but the ins is still in which i let go.
    as this was coming out in direct debit i forgot about it untill last week when on checking accounts see that this should of finished last year. when i phoned Ge they said i still had an outstanding debt of £303 pounds. i challenged them and they said that in 2006 a couple of payments were missed so charges applied.well i asked for a break down of 1 thw window payments 2 the insurence and 3 a copy of my contract.well once i received them i faxed to my financial advisor and he straight away said the windows and insurence were paid up in 2000 and that Ge was infact Charging me for 9 years for something that was payed up.he said that they owe me app £540.00 plus interest to which this monday 9th 3rd 09 i will let them know as it is written in black and white that both windows and insurence were of the same contract and not 2 as ive constantly been told by GE

  • GUY KENYON says:

    I borrowed money from these people as I was having a new bathroom courtesy of Dolphin and the deal was that you get a substantial reduction on the cost of the bath if you take out a loan. Dolphin are another matter (leaks, shoddy workmanship, crappy bathroom fittings: never mind: no room for all of that here). Caveat Emptor applies – so that was my own fault.
    G E Money are, however, in a whole league of their own. Try and pay a chunk off? They “loose” the cheques – or return them saying, a few weeks later, that the details are not correct. That happened to my wife and I on three occasions. Meanwhile the interest keeps racking up, and up and up – as they claim not to have been paid. or not to have been paid properly.
    So pissed off was I that I actually paid the last cheque in with a solicitor watching and validating what I was doing and by sending the cheque by recorded delivery: they still tried to claim 6 weeks later that it wasn’t received!! I sincerely pray that I have nothing whatsoever to do with them. They are quite simply the worst and most horrific experience I have ever had with any credit company in over 40 years.
    Mercifully my loan should now all be paid off – but I bet they will still find someway to write and claim something – or they will perhaps try and claim again that they haven’t been paid.
    Whatever you do (and I never normally write to these sites) please please please do not under any circumstances use these people or get drawn in to using them by another company with some spurious prospect of a price reduction. They are, to put it simply and charitably, not easy to deal with and the best spin is that they have very sloppy accounting procedures and office practices. That is being charitable. In reality I am very seriously doubtful of their probity. They seem solely and wholly interested in trying to tie you in for a long period of loan at exorbitant interest rates so that they can charge a very great deal for as long as possible – and with interest rates so low at the moment you can, and should, go elsewhere. Anywhere else really!

  • Dlake0001 says:

    I urge everyone who has written on this site or any other to send their stories to the BBCs Watchdog website (I think it is literally I’m sure if enough people send in their experiences they will investigate these idiots and expose their disgusting practices for what they are

  • Guy Kenyon says:

    Thanks. I have written to Watchdog as suggested. I am also going to write to Moneybox.

  • Pat says:

    Have read many of the comments above. We have suffered 18 months of utter hell with GE Money and could take days to describe it all. It has destroyed our long unblemished credit history and destroyed my husband’s business.
    Inconsistent correspondence, blatant lies, tampering with our account to their own advantage, spurious claims for charges, allegations of unpaid, or late, payments, bullying, harassment, threats, incorrect and unjustified adverse reports on Credit Agencies, unaccessibility – I could go on for weeks. Any sane person reading some of their answers to correspondence will end up thinking they have lost their sanity in the process. We are elderly but fortunately still have our wits about us and saw through their conduct! We tried to involve the Ombudsman but it was outside their jurisdiction.
    Anyway, we have now commenced Proceedings
    against them and I would be grateful if anyone, having already put their thoughts here, would consider being a witness for us as to what appears to be the “normal” conduct and ethics of GE. I like the idea of all complainants getting together to seek redress and would willingly join such a group. When my Court case is over I had decided to take some kind of action anyway about trying to get them, and their tactics, investigated.
    Our first preliminary Hearing is on Monday so I know we go to Court knowing that we would have most of your bloggers behind us.

  • Guy Kenyon says:

    Clearly a lone voice now regarding GE Money!
    They have apologised, accepted they made a mistake, sent my cheque back (so they did receive it after all – although they claimed not to have done so) and have offered me £70 compensation for “loosing my cheque”. So that is all right then!
    Watchdog never replied – so clearly others will be conned by these people without penalty.

  • Pat says:

    No! It is not alright! The number of complaints on this website show that many people who have written and I’m sure, many others, who have not are disgusted, and have suffered by their ethics. It needs us all to get together and try to make a sizeable impact upon, amongst others, FSA. Sometimes it takes a great amount of effort and persistence to being such types to justice, but it can be done! The numbers of complaints cannot go on being unheeded but it will need perseverence. They can only continue if we let them and we are all the tip of an iceberg! It needs a co-ordinator!

  • Clive says:

    Pat, I’m really sorry that I burnt the whole drawer full of correspondence from and to GE once my stepfather had died.
    Mystery sums were added, payments lost and denied, certified Power of Attorney lost then denied, another certified copy noted in their records then destroyed, the list goes on.
    The Kafka-esque story carried on until I started to bill them for every telephone call and every piece of correspondence, including my legal advice. Proof of Posting became Registered Post so that someone HAD to sign for it.
    I gave formal written advice that the account was being closed – but it was still renewed the following year.
    Perhaps a large proportion of their customers do default, but if I had then known about the Consumer Action Group I would have confronted GE in court with my evidence of their lies and incompetence.
    But it went up in smoke, sorry.

  • Pat says:

    Hi Clive! I answered before but got the details wrong so it won’t have reached you. Thanks for your comments – it makes us feel as though we do have some allies during this miserable affair which, after reading some of their “cranky”, lying, and inconsistent letters, frankly make one doubt one’s own sanity. Our case against GE is progressing(slowly as Court cases do!) but I wonder if you could consider being a witness for us as to their conduct, if our Barrister advises this would be helpful. The lack of paperwork might not be too much of a barrier. The quantity of adverse comment on this, and ther websites, about GE has been a complete eye opener – we thought it was just us who felt this way, and ahd been treated so badly. Thanks for adding your comments.

  • Melissa says:

    This card is a complete joke!!!!!!!!
    I have two credit cards in my name that I want to consolidate for one measly payment. It sounds so easy but could they help me out??? OF COURSE NOT! They must want that finance charge of mine two times a month. What complete losers. Can’t wait to pay these off and close it forever!!
    In a such a crazy time you’d think these idiotic companies would try and make some effort to get their money as easy as possible. I would love to not pay at all.


    GE MONEY & LOEWS FINANCIAL have been harassing me for the past several weeks attempting to collect a debt for an account holder with the same first and last name as mine, but is not me, nor my debt. First of all, I have never applied for a LOEWS credit card, nor have I ever owned one. I am not even a home owner, so not much home improvement going on at my place by me. I originally received a letter attempting to collect a debt in the amount of $935.00. I was surprised to receive the letter knowing I had never owned or applied for services through GE, or LOEWS. That day I ran my credit (and paid the credit site fees out of pocket) to see if someone had stolen my identity and was attempting to use my information to obtain services and credit. I was pleased to find that nothing was reporting to my credit from LOEWS or GE MONEY. I then called GE MONEY & LOEWS FINANCIAL at the number posted on the letter. I informed them that I didn’t think they had the correct individual, and they asked to confirm my social security number. I gave them the last 4 digits, which DID NOT match the SS# they had in their collection records. I then asked to confirm the additional information on the account to see if they had my phone number, or address. According to the rep, they additional information did not match mine either. She stated that it appeared to be a mix up, and that they most likely found my information through “skip tracing” and that she would remove my info and note on the account what she had found. I then wrote what she had advised me to on the letter and returned it as instructed. She stated I SHOULDN’T be getting any more mail or communication regarding the matter. I felt like matters had been addressed accordingly and gave it no more thought, until…
    I received yet another letter, and another, and another in the same week. All four letters came after our conversation, so I assumed they were already in the mail, called GE MONEY to tell them that I was still getting mail and send the additional letters back as I did the first time exactly as they instructed me to. Again, the rep told me I shouldn’t be getting any more letters, and that she had COMPLETELY removed my info from their system (which apparently didn’t match what they had on record, that they magically denied having every time I called about the letters).
    So, the next week I was happy to see that no more letters came from GE MONEY or LOEWS FINANCIAL. However, at this time they started in with the harassing phone calls. So, I had finally gotten the letter issue handled and they started calling me instead. The issue I have here is that I gave them my phone information so they wouldn’t call me, and then I started getting calls, so it was easy to assume that they had started using the information I gave them to continue to harass me for a debt that isn’t even owed by me, or anyone I know. I nicely requested each time they called me that they review their notes on the account and that they kindly see that I stop getting these types of calls, and that it was getting pretty old after having received an average of 4 calls a day to my cell phone over the course of the week. Each time I got a new rep who called me, I told them the same thing, and was as polite as I could be (not my typical reaction to these mistakes, but I was trying to be nice). Each time I was assured that my information was out of their system, and that they have no record of me in it, and that I wouldn’t be receiving any more calls to my cell phone. At that time, I was under the impression that things were handled and that I wouldn’t be getting any more calls. Not so lucky…
    The next week, and weekend. I was again surprised (getting harder though since now nothing would surprise me from these people) to get another call, this time it was on my home phone, which I don’t even give out or use for any reason. The other funny thing, is that my phone bill for my house isn’t even in my name, it’s in my roommates name. I was literally steaming as I was trying to spend Valentines Day with my sweetheart and during our movie, the damn COMCAST caller id kept popping up saying it’s GE MONEY calling. Arggg. At this point I had had enough from these people, and felt like it was not borderline harassment anymore, but was now full-fledged harassment. I immediately phoned the number that was calling. I asked to speak with a supervisor, got a new person, asked to speak with their supervisor. When I finally got to the person who told me they were as high as I could go, I explained what was happening (basically everything I wrote above) and that I was not happy at this point about the way this matter was being dealt with. I then told the rep that if I got even ONE MORE call, period, that I was going to write reviews and pursue the harassment by any means necessary including via my State’s Attorney General (Rob McKenna), the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the FTC and Online through review sites, blogs, forums, Twitter, Youtube, etc. and any other way I could find. She nicely listened to my rant and assured me that AGAIN, FOR THE TENTH TIME, that I WOULDN’T receive any more calls, either on my cell or at home. And that after 30 minutes I FOR SURE wouldn’t be getting any more calls to any of my numbers. She also attempted to transfer me to the Fraud Dept. so that I could have them investigate the matter form their end. I am not sure why she suggested that, but figured any one I could get to remove my information on their end would be better than taking their word for it. So, during the transfer I got cut off, had to phone back and wait forever to get back where I was. Finally got through and turns out the Fraud Dept isn’t even open on weekends. I decided to give them one more chance at this point and went on with my Valentines Day. Did not get any more calls thank heavens.
    First thing on Monday, I phoned the Fraud Dept. to follow up with what the rep and I had spoken about on Sunday. I got on with a very nice gal at the Fraud Dept. that was nice and seemed very helpful. She informed me that it wasn’t Fraud, that it was a mix up due to the fact that they skip trace for information that may or may not match information they have on record for their accounts. She kept using the word skip trace. To me this whole scenario seemed weird. And had never had anything like that happen before in my 28 years. She also assured me that my info would be cleared on her end, and that I shouldn’t be getting any more calls, unless they run another skip trace and end up with my information again. I told her that wasn’t acceptable, and if they were going to use random information like that, that they needed to have a way of removing information that was deemed to be invalid for their actual account holder, that way, people like me wouldn’t be getting harassed like I had been. She said she couldn’t do anything and that she had removed my information and that I need not worry about calls.
    Less than 30 minutes later, on Monday I got another call from GE MONEY and LOEWS FINANCIAL on my cell phone. “Are you kidding me?” I asked. Needless to say, I was not nice to the last person, I told them that this call was the straw that broke it for me, and that I was going to follow through with my promise to report them, review them, and plaster my story all over the Internet. So, that’s what I’m doing. I usually don’t even write reviews online, nor do I have time to do such things. I just really feel like this is all wrong and that if I don’t speak up it might continue to happen to me, and others out there.
    If you find yourself in a similar situation with GE MONEY and LOEWS FINANCIAL don’t wait as long as I did to start speaking up. Seriously, I tried to be nice and it doesn’t cut it with these collection people. If I were you, and had it to do over again, I would have reported it to my State’s Attorney General, BBB, FTC and all over the Internet from the beginning. Take my work for it, the squeaky wheel tends to get the grease.

  • I hate GE Money says:

    GE Money is the worst option to chose if you need money. I still paying them for $2000. The total amount that i should pay them is $3500

  • join the "Hate GE Money CLUB" says:

    I have got a car loan from them 2 years ago and now i know that i have made the biggest MISTAKE in my life. when someone called me in regards of my loan has been approved. They told me it will be 18.9% but when i’ve got into the office, the paper work said i need to paid 29.9%, i have refused to sign so that stupid woman said, it must be a misprint, i go and double check, she came back 1/2 hour later, it down to 19.9%. i think whoever go in and do the paperwork, i do recommand double check before you sign anything. When i ask that woman some question, she dont’ know, can’t answer or disappear. This whole company are soooooooooo Fxxxxk…..dont’ go there.

  • pat says:

    I have written before on here but now have reason to really hate GE Money. My Court case went badly wrong and because I was not alllowed to produce as much evidence as I had wished, I am intending to start over again, with another action. Last week, after two and a half years struggling with G E Money over the interpretation of a Contract(which was ambiguous), we have had to be declared bankrupt, due to the damage done by Adverse entries they posted against us, and would not remove. They removed them two days after we commenced proceedings(cowards) but the damage was done by then.We are in our seventies, in poor health, but were still working in our sixty year old family business, and had never received any state aid of any kind. What is more – OUR MORTAGE SHOWS THAT WE HAVE NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT, and had never defaulted during a sixty-plus year working life. However, we are now applying for benefit, our son and his young family(a business partner) has had to suffer and he also has been made bankrupt through the business failure. All due to trying to part-redeem a mortgage in 2007.
    This can’t be right and is all done to GE’s manipulations and maneouvres and they need to be exposed as this whole history of others complaints had shown. We wish to start class action if we can get enough folk together as someone has got to stop these tactics.
    Please get in touch if you would like to join a class action against them. Maybe we should start a GE Money action group. I now want to pursue all avenues. I’ve tried the proper way, through the Courts, which has failed and now I’ve got nothing to lose(except my house – at the moment!!) I shall try whatever I can to expose them. Being “elderly’ I’m not too sure about internet communication, and how it works, but hope you will be able to contact through this. Hope ther’s lots of support as there’s lots of angry, disillusioned,
    people who have suffered by using them.

  • Scared and Confused says:

    Hey there,
    I have just read everyones comments, and I feel your pain.
    I too am in trouble with GE money. I have an account, low rate credit card, that I have had with them for the past 8 yrs, however I have not made the full repayments on my account, for the last 2 repayments… I phoned the customer service advisor, who said that”yes, the amount that you want to pay will be fine, I’ll place a note on your account”…
    In the space of 2 months, I have received letters stipulating that they will take me to court to pay the full amount outstanding, I have recieved mail from the ‘hardship division’ requesting information to help them with their enquiries, to which I filled in and faxed and posted before the requisite date, to be greeted with more threatening mail. ( GE money, do not have my phone number as I had to change it years ago, and now it is unlisted, I cannot stand being cold called)
    Due to the above circumstance of GE not being able to phone directly, even though I have filled in the requested paper work, they are calling my friends and family. My account now has an extra $1500 worth of charges and fee’s on it, on an account that I requested to be closed, returning my card to them in small tiny pieces.
    I live in Australia, am a mature aged student, who is a single parent, is there any way out of this mess before I end up owing GE $10,000

  • pat says:

    Thanks for relaying a new message to me. Obviously the loathing of GE, and their tactics continues,and they have a lot of misery and confusion to answer for. It would be impractical, at this stage, to try to organise a joint action with someone in Australia, but I do greatly sympathise, especially with the confusion that GE’s conduct creates. I am currently preparing a further Court action, against them, and intend to publicise the outcome, either way. It’s about time they were exposed for all the harm they have done to decent hard working folk who are only trying to pay their way in these difficult times. It has to stop, especially when, in our case, the taxpayer has had to “pick up the tab” for irreparable the damage they have done to us.
    Keep up the “Hate GE Money camapign”. What goes around comes around, and I can’t wait for them to get their deserts!.

  • Grant V says:

    GE Money and Chase Bank have one thing in common. Both companies have gone out of their way to optimize how they make money by deceiving or tricking their customers. Rather than earning their money in an honorable way with the integrity you would expect of a major corporation, they play dirty tricks. Try and argue with them, and they stand firm placing the blame on you when, in fact, they have set you up for a late payment or penalty of some sort.
    I refuse to do business with either company – and by extension that means I will not do business with GE. Nobody should ever do business with these nasty companies.

  • Dr. Dee says:

    I have a GE Money Card and have not had any problems–thus far. However, customer service is terrible. The people who answer the phones are rude and unhelpful. I have a balance that I intend to pay off early and I’m hoping there will be no problems. I have noticed, however, that people who have set up direct debits from their checking accounts seem to have the most trouble with GE Money. I pay my bill with a check that I put in the remittance envelope as soon as the bill arrives in the mail. So far, my statements from GE Money have all arrived on time and there has been no problem with GE Money’s receiving and crediting my payments. I will keep everyone posted as to how things progress.

  • helpmary says:

    I am not sure if I am writing in the right place but here goes.
    GE Money are a law onto themselves I had a loan with them in 2007 and had PPI all paper work was done on Igroup / GE Money paperwork,I was told I had to have the PPI or no loan. They are now saying this was all done through a broker who I have never heard of and it is the broker I need to chase and not GE,and guess what the BROKER they talk about has gone to the wall.
    I sent a letter at the start of August 2010 looking for under written papers I have rang but they will not reply.
    How can a company like this get away with it The ICO FSA Etc do not seem to care, I am trying to draft a good letter at the moment to see if I can get the newspapers to publish the way this company just do as they like and get away scot free.
    Please tell me if I should not have posted here but GE Money owe me over £4,000 .00

  • pat bland says:

    Hi Mary!
    You are one of many people who have been treated the same way. It’s scandalous. We had a contract with iGroup(great company we found!) but after them being taken over by GE they became “the pits!”- the scum of the financial world!
    GE’s negligence and incompetence have caused our family to be made bankrupt, after over fifty years of work and self-support. We are now dependant upon the Taxpayer, which is grossly unfair to them, as we had planned our finances to cover retirement and had never claimed any benefit before. Our credit record(formerly perfect)has been totally destroyed by them.
    As you can gather, we are more than angry – they know what they have done but refuse to answer or acknowledge any of this, despite knowing what their false actions(placing our names wrongly on Credit agencies) would do to us.
    I am currently actively pursuing all this through the Press, my MP and others, in order to obtain justice, and also to try and instigate a campaign to achieve a change in the law, to stop their “antics” for ever.
    After my holiday I am hoping to commence proceedings against them for violating my Human Rights, negligence, amongst other charges.
    So, I say keep going! You are not alone and it would be a good idea if victims of GE can bring a group action.
    The day of reckoning has to come for GE, as as their behaviour is unacceptable by any normal standards of fair play and financial management. People power can make a difference in this kind of situation and they must be stopped from breaching all the rules, especially within the economies we are all having to face.
    So, do keep going. I will try to post developments of my efforts(and I am now beginning to break through) on this website in order to help others!
    Good luck!

  • helpmary says:

    Thank You Pat, I do agree strongly with you and yes a group action would be great.
    I would support you in this, Maybe get a group to sign on here to start with.
    Good Hunting.

  • Pat Bland says:

    Thanks for your comments. I ust admit that I am not very skilled on computer matters and do not know how to go about starting a petition on-line. I have emailed the originator of this thread(I beleive tat’s the right name!) and asked him about this. I think it would be signed by many people and could be brought to the attention of the Press, FSA, Parliament etc who would find it difficult to ignore. Will communicate any further developments here.

  • olga jackson says:

    my payemnts whent from 250 to 750 in 4 mnths work that one out

  • Pat Bland says:

    Are we surprised? they get away with so many similar things, as outlined on this website that we should all start to report them to FSA, who say they don’t deal with individual complaints but if enough folk complained they would be forced to do something. I am in touch with my MP about their damaging tactics, which must effect the economy badly,and everyone who had been fleeced like this should do the same. \They must be stopped!

  • helpmary says:

    I would like anyone who reads or posts here about Ge Money to maybe agree with me and sign here as I have now had more than enough of this crowd I got a letter on Sat morning saying that this was a final response to my clients and to go else where.
    Well my clients are my husband and myself this is how much this Ge Money bother to even read letters sent to them and they did not answer even 1 questions which I put to them.
    They have just stroked to many people.I Have Had It With Them ………………

  • Pat Bland says:

    Hallelujah! Another dissatisfaied customer to add to the rest – most complaining about the same things – ie legalised theft(dipping into other people’s accounts whithout explanation or permission) : failure to read letters: failure to supply answers to questions about matters to to which clients are entitled to an answer; (their accounts!)failure to justify charges; down right lies by the bucketful; etc. etc. etc. Let us bombard parliament and FSA with these complaints which must be are contributing to our damaged economy. If enough people complain the complacency will have to be addressed. They have literally ruined my life(bankruptcy following their mistakes) and I would like some answers(and compensation) but I especially want to see their antics stopped, and that they are either made to observe the rules or be forced to close down. I am still taking active steps towards this!!

  • a person forged my daughters signature and abtained £45000 charged against my daughters house, this over 2 years ago, it was reported to the police who said the fraud was not committed against my daughter but against ge money, the police spoke to them but they said they would deal with the matter internally, they have not bothered they paid the money into his account and for six months collected his payments until he stopped them,so now they get involved with eversheds debt collectors who decide to go for repossession of my daughters house,i hope somebody from eversheds and ge money read this but i am telling you now it aint going to happen, she has done no wrong and as a father i am not going to let any foriegn company take away anything from my family in my country, david cameron also note the conservatives owe me and if i become a whistleblower of the past they are finished

  • Pat. Bland says:

    Anthony, as you will see in my various comments above I had had a real dose of these people – both GE & Eversheds. they have ruined our family by their incompetence. Keep reporting them to FSA and contact your MP. I think a petition for their incompetence to be examined should be on the cards. I reported them to the Press who wrote quite a large article. GE lied about the situation to the Press and I have letters from them in which they totally contradicted to the Press. They are tricky customers but it needs all aggrieved clients to bombard them, Things seem to be hotting up against them on this web which will hopefully escalate, and it’s up to us to persist until their lies are exposed.
    Good luck

  • hy pat thanks for your comments i will come back after my daughters court hearing which will be adjourned my daughters health has deteriated because of this i blame the fsa for giving out licences to the likes of gemoney and eversheds i remember the conservatives saying they were going to scrap the fsa sooner rather than later i say, i have got the help of some good students studying law assisting me and giving me advice if and its a big if at present i manage to get the funding i will go to the high courts and get there activities declared illegal and hopefull get ther funds sequestrated, just one piece of the jigsaw is missing i will find it, remember my name and just watch me

  • Pat Bland says:

    Hi Anthony!
    Thanks for your reply. I don’t need to say that I heartily agree with all you say. I should perhaps tell you that Eversheds are actually solicitors and they know all the tricks – they will try to get your case Struck out!
    You might find some support by contacting Maisha Frost of the Daily Express. She commented on our mistreatment by GE and, as I have said above, they then lied to cover their tracks, but I have letters from them stating the opposite of what they told the Press. (if you wish to mention my name to Maisha please do so, as she might be glad to have another go at GE.)
    I too am intending to go to the High Court and persist until somebody will listen. I have also just sent another letter to FSA and told them to read this website and see what needs to be done as so many genuine and serious complaints are now creating a volatile groundswell of anger etc. My MP is just awaiting copy correspondence from me to be able to ask some questions and I will draw his attention to this website. He has had other complaints about GE anyway!! Am I surprised?
    Do keep in touch! I am willing to be a witness in your case as to the conduct of which we have both been victims, which might help your legal advisors to be able to argue that your matter is not just one example, but of what is common experience of conduct with GE. If enough people complain something will have to be done. I might be glad to ask you to be a witness as to their conduct in my case – what do you think? I could put more but don’t hesitate to ask if you think I can help in any way. I do hope your daughter recovers soon. We’ve had three years of hell from this lot so I know how she feels.
    Take care

  • Dr. Dee says:

    My major issue with GE Money has been their customer service or lack of it. They are the WORST when it comes to customer service. I have two cards with GE Money, a Care Credit Card and a Gap Visa Card. About a month ago I attempted to make an on-line purchase using my Gap Visa card. Gap Visa declined the purchase and left me an automated phone message telling me that “fraud prevention” wanted me to verify some information. I hung up and called Gap Visa immediately. My call was routed to India, where I spoke with at least 3 different people who all said the same things. No one could tell me why my $400 purchase was declined and my card frozen. Well, I haven’t used the card since and without incident placed the purchase on another credit card issued by a different bank. I am cancelling both of my GE Money accounts after I pay my Gap Visa Card in full, which I do every month. Thank you all for posting your comments and alerting people to the possible dangers of doing business with GE Money. I credit all of you with informing me of the dangers of doing business with this company. I’m only hoping I can get away from them unscathed. I’ll keep you all posted. Wish me luck.

  • Pat Bland says:

    I do wish you luck! You are going to need it! When you go to close your account you will probably find that they pile on extra charges and when you ask how they justify these you will not get a reply. This is their “modus operandi” which I have been studying over several years. I have written to the FSA,drawing their attention to all the complaints on this website. They say they don’t deal with individual complaints but we are all individuals I thought ! Anyway, I have asked where we should all take our complaints then because this in competence, and damage, has to stop!
    The very best of luck! Let us all know the outcome!

  • hi; pat, said i would comment after i came out of court with my daughter, well the result was the case was adjourned for fourteen days for a defence to be lodged for a directions hearing, we now have to see another solicitor on this, i felt sorry for the young girl acting on behalf of eversheds debt collectors for g e money the lies she had to tell would put pinocchio to shame, still we live to fight another day, i will keep all readers informed, i would like to contact you so we can form a group to take this company to task once and for all, i know we can do it its just how do we get in touch

  • Robbie Gaunt. says:

    I think GE money is the robin hood of the high street.I hate them so much i cannot tell you and i have got a mortage with them and i might as well done a deal with the devil.I lost my job two years went into arrears, but with the help of my familypaid it off i have notice now it is still owe 16,0000pounds which was the arrears.Because of charges it is still the same i still dont know what to do.Iam at my wits ends. Can some one from the comsumer council please give us some advice.

  • Pat. Bland says:

    Hi Robbie!,
    Join the club! GE are, without doubt, the most hated lenders in the market, incompetent, liars, false accounters – the list is endless.
    We were forced into bankruptcy, after sixty years of good business, by their incompetence, negligence and lies, so we have now learned some of their tactics, as a result.
    My advice to you is to firstly go to the Citizens
    Advice Bureau to obtain advice as to how you can take legal action. It is not always possible to obtain legal Aid for such matters, which GE, being the cowards they are, use to hide behind as they think their victims will be unable to legally defend themselves against them. You are right to refer to the Robin Hood analogy as it is a similar situation except they don’t give their spoils to the poor.
    In the New Year I am starting action against them for the damage they have done to our family. They threatened me with Court action two years ago when I told them I would welcome the chance to make their conduct known to a Court and I told them to go ahead. The cowards backed down!
    If they sue you, you will not have to pay the Court fees to start a case, and will then have the chance to prove that you have paid arrears(they mess up their arrears procedures all the time!) and when you win they will have to pay your costs.
    Also, take the matter up with your MP. Mine is being very helpful to us and you could also try to contact your local paper. Also contact the Daily Express and ask for Maisha Frost – she knows all about GE because she wrote an article about the way our family had been treated, and was looking for other victims of GE – who incidentally lied to her!
    You are certainly not alone, so don’t despair. Stand up to them – they are incompetent cowards who are hated by a great number of people, hence this website, and their time of reckoning will come – very soon I believe.
    You would do well to keep an eye on your credit record, since it was their cavalier, ignorant and irresponsible use of these that led to our bankruptcy. If they have placed false entries, it will ruin your credit record and they will refuse to rectify it. You will need to contact the agencies who will require proof that you have no arrears and will rectify it for you as Ge do not answer letters if it doesn’t suit them.
    It is my intention, with the help of my MP to try and bring some of these issues into the general spotlight. Don’t give up hope as it will let them win and continue their despicable conduct with other innocent victims.
    Good luck!

  • anthony ellis says:

    hi pat,
    remember me fighting for my daughter against these incompetent thieves ge money well i cant say too much as it is going to trial but i can say that they along with eversheds have got a big problem mark my words, every letter they write to court every alteration they make is being proven to be a lie by our legal team, barclays have just had a massive fine imposed by the fsa thats nothing to whats going to happen to this lot. again mark my words and as for there employees who write in support of them start looking for other jobs

  • Pat Bland says:

    Hi Anthony!
    Great news! Keep up the pressure. Our experiences of them have been exactly the same as you describe. I am now preparing to go to Court again and due to the bankrupty(caused by Guess who!!) cannot afford legal representation. So I am going to have to run my own case but I will keep going until I have exposed them, and I hope you do the same.
    You could, if you wish, tell your legal advisors that we have had identical experiences with GE – lying, alterations to accounts, contradictions, refusal to disclose information etc. etc.etc. and they might like to consider us being witnesses, as to conduct, which could strengthen your case. I don’t think it would get in the way of my case, and maybe when I am ready to commence proceedings, you could support me in a similar way. We too have written proof of their “double speak” and breaches of financial guidelines.
    You are quite right in your assessment of the fact that there is are great tightening up procedures starting to occur about the way these companies “screw” their customers , and those of us who are going to Court could well be pushing an open door.
    I hope, for your sake, that GE will decide to offer a settlement for your case, as they are cowards when the chips are down.
    It is a great encouragement to me to hear from you and to know that you are not giving up. I am going to have a real battle to prepare my case but intend to keep going whatever, and I know that you will do the same. As I said before, their day of reckoning is probably not far away.
    I would add, having offered to be a witness for you, if deemed useful, that I am elderly, not in the best of health, and suffer with a paralysed vocal chord( I have a soft husky voice as a result) but I would not let it stop me pursuing this cause to the bitter end.
    Keerp fighting!

  • Pat Bland says:

    Hi Anthony! I read your comment with great interest, and encouragement! this morning and I thought I had sent a reply. However, it does not appear to have been posted and I think I may have not done it properly. Can you let me know if you have not received it? and I will repeat what I can remember of it. I may be able to help, if needed, as our experiences have many similarities.

  • Pat Bland says:

    Hi! again Anthony. Obviously my mail did arrive as both of them have now appeared. Hope to hear from you in due course.

  • Wendy Davies says:

    We have been customers of GE Money for 8 years, and due to redundancy and ill health fell behind with our payments and had an agreement where we paid our normal mortgage payment plus an AGREED amount of the arears each month. They continually bombard us with phone calls asking the same questions over and over again, its DRIVING US NUTS!! They are rude, thick and don’t listen to what you say and I’m afraid I swore at them the other day and put the phone down. We wish we had never heard of them, but after rading the above comments, I can’t wait for their next phone call. Bring it on!

  • Pat Bland says:

    Join the club but take heart! I have been accumulating information for a long while about these sharks. I am hoping to be able to start proceedings against them in a couple of months. I have been collecting together all the necessary info. to be able to expose their antics and hope it will make a difference to all who have contributed to this site. Why not involve your MP as I have done. GE’s tactics are very tricky and it’s possible they have now overstepped themselves especially in view of the changing outlook, and calls for change, over the unscrupulous conduct of lenders in general.

  • hi pat bland
    remember me well we are still fighting for my daughter and ge are still lying, they keep moving the goal posts so to speak well on behalf of my daughter ive decided that they are not going to move them anymore all what they have asked for they have received in signatures the so called handwriting expert does not seem to be able to give the court an opinion in there favour so now they are asking for signatures from two years earlier when this scum of a con man first started his scam, why dont they accept that they have been stitched up let you know the result after the trial

  • Pat Bland says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I have often wondered how you are getting on! Still having a load of hassle I see, and I really feel for your daughter. You are doing the right thing about pushing hard against them as they spend all their time lying, “moving the goal posts” as you say, and trying to drag matters out until they have worn you down. I’ve seen and experienced it all – so don’t give up.
    We’re still after them. I’ve been very ill twice which has caused us delays but during the delay I have gained a great deal of very damning info. about them and have also made headway in getting a very large organisation (can’t say the name!) in ceasing to do business directly with them. I’ve still kept after them and I note(between the lines) that they are now beginning to take me more seriously and have made some concessions. But!! it’s too late.
    I am going on a holiday soon,(the first I’ve had in four years due to their spoiling of our finances) and, when I get back, I am settling down to getting the paperwork together with a view to commencing action. I’ll try to keep you posted via this website. When I get to Court I want to mention this website to exhibit the discontent with these incompetent sharks.
    Good luck for your case – whatever you do don’t give up and do keep in touch.
    God bless!

  • hi pat
    thanks for your reply, only today i have received notification from a very large building company that they have stopped using and advising customers to use ge money for morgages i like yourself am getting there,i can also now confirm that the press are well aware of this matter and also have copies of our evidence and they are on our side they cannot print any thing as yet but they are very interested and have promised that they whilst they will not be allowed in court being a county court and it is in private they will be there win or lose and i can’t see how we can lose then the fsa will have to act and so will the government this is big news to the press i hope one of their employees read this i look forward to reading there reply, andrew bowden you are a legend for this site

  • mary says:

    Hi Pat.
    This GE Money group are just con company. We had PPI of £4,860.00 taken on 15/06/2007
    The loan was paid of early and when we discovered about PPI ( when we applied for loan We were told we had to have PPI or no loan )
    We wrote to say it was mis- sold after some time they got back to us and said it was a broker called Spectrum Loan & Mortgages who we had taken this through, we have never heard of this company who of coarse no longer exist So GE has not sent any paper work to say this is who we went through.After a lot of back and forth we went to FSCS no help there.Rang GE back and have now been told the broker is a company called First Line Loans but the paper work they have is would you believe not signed
    All our paper work is from the iGroup ( GE )
    So I we I think will just have to try to go to Court over this as well Sorry this is a little long winded Mary

  • Pat Bland says:

    Hi Mary!
    It’s an all too familiar story with GE I’m afraid. They never properly address a complaint and hide behind all sorts of other spurious and Buck passing tactics. If you take them to Court, you may find that they cave in(after they have tried to get your case struck out – which is another of their tactics) as I’ve heard of several cases where they have come off quite badly. Court is the only solution as they cannot avoid having to give proper answers when faced with Court procedures. 2007 is a ridiculously long term to try to get answers and we have been waiting since then, ending with financial disaster for us. Don’t give up – that’s what they’re hoping you will do so we’ll have to keep in touch with one another about our Court progress. Good luck – hope to hear you’ve been successful.

  • Michael Banks says:

    I had recently divorced, and I am the secondary card holder on the GE Money card. I purchased with the ex wife two quads. Ge Money raised my intrest rate more than double, and closed my spendable balance, not that I would charge a single thing else….EVER! The only thing I can tell you folks is that we all have learned a valuable lesson when dealing with them!. You can file bankruptsy, which will affect your credit for 7 years or make any extra payment to the highest intrest amount. Once the card is paid in full, get confirmation and send them a well cut up card closing your account.

  • Bruce says:

    Wow! you would think with all this trouble someone at GE Money would try to correct the issue. I to have had the pleasure of speaking with a representative English being his second language plesent at first but completly unwilling to remove the late fees. I have made payments on line that were successful and for what ever reason from time to time payments don’t seem to post correctly. Because there is no grace period and I make the payment the day before it is due I am charged a late fee arrives I believe at 1201 AM on the due date. I have almost paid this stupid bill off and have already canceled the account just waiting to pay it off to be done with this horible Company… If they had an email or complaint department I would certainly give them a piece of my mind but if they did I am certain their email box would be full and I would get an alert back indicating dilevery failed.

  • Pat Bland says:

    I think you will find this is a common tactic with them. Of course it is scam and there should be some way of complaining, but they tend to ignore complaints that they don’t like! It should be possible to report it to FSA but they “don’t deal with individual complaints” which is obviously known to GE who take full advantage of it. It really needs a large group of people to complain as they are only able to get away with it due to such slack financial regulation.
    I have been keeping after them for nearly four years now and am now getting offers to refund some of these spurious charges. However, as the terms of acceptance are ambiguous I have not yet taken them up on it as I have far greater issues, involving massive
    losses as a result of their incompetence and wish to tackle the whole issue in due time.
    Keep going – don’t let them fob you off. See your MP who may be able to assist..
    I have kept on at the for nearly four years and am now getting some offers to refund these

  • i became unemployed in april 2011.i informed ge money that i would not be able to pay my mortgage for thirteen weeks.i was told thats fine just keep us informed which i promptly did.7 days later i recieved a letter telling me i had defaulted and that 40 pounds would be added to my account.i phoned and was told a pack of lies about being a mistake .the following week the same thing happened can guess where im going with this cant you.the i recieved a phone call or rather my wife did.which was threatening to start repossession of our home.if i didnt pay £114.00 striaght away my wife gave them the from my unemployment cheque .my cheque was only for £140.00 leaving us with disgusting are these people .when i asked for the ppi that they had sold me they told me that another company had sold it to me .i told them that in fact it was them that got the money.they said the would not speak on the matter again.since this all happened the esa have decided to drag there feet and it looks like i will lose my home .i have one message for ge [email protected]#k you all you selv serving thieving anyone thinking of doing any bussuiness with these shisters.dontttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  • DOn’t get too scared by what G.E money threaten. I used too then I told my solicitor who correctly informs me that it
    DEBTOR – FACT !!!
    All quiet since he wrote to them, informing them of this fact. My problem will be resolved MY WAY not THEIR WAY and they will just have to wait in line for their money like everyone else.
    I too have GE Money problems but I am selling one of my other properties to pay down hald my mortgage.
    It does not stop them threatening me though.
    Surely if you sell “money” to people who might not be able to pay it back when you say so, isn’t that a bit of a bad business model ?

  • Pat Bland says:

    This is typical of them and they have a long history of these kind of tactics. See you MP and ask him to intervene, also go to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and take legal advice – CDA will tell you about this. GE Money are bluffers and are all threats, followed by a refusal to discuss the matter which they hide behind like the cowards they are.
    There is an act of Parliament called Financial Services & Markets Act 2000, which lays down codes for the way they should treat you ehrn you are in arrears. It is obvious from what you say that they are sticking two fingers up to it, and you, and the codes they should be following.
    I am seeing my MP about them on Friday. we all need to stand up to them.
    Good luck

  • Here’s what the law says about debtor Harassment. See a solicitor NOT your MP. Your MP will do nothing except probably expect your vote in an election.
    A solicitor however represents the law and can equally threaten (GE Money) in this case if ther is cause to do so.
    Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act
    “S40 Punishment for unlawful harassment of debtors……
    1.A person commits an offence if, with the object of coercing another person to pay money claimed from the other as a debt due under a contract he harasses the other with demands for payment which, in respect of their frequency, or the manner or occasion of making any such demand, or of any threat or publicity by which any demand is accompanied, are calculated to subject him or members of his family or household to alarm, distress or humiliation;
    ◦falsely represents, in relation to the money claimed, that criminal proceedings lie for failure to pay it;
    ◦falsely represents himself to be authorised in some official capacity to claim or enforce payment; or
    ◦utters a document falsely represented by him to have some official character, or purporting to have some official character which he know it has not.
    2.A person may be guilty of an offence by virtue of sub-section (1) (a) above if he concerts with others in the taking of such actions as is described in that paragraph, notwithstanding that his own course of conduct does not by itself amount to harassment.”
    This usually shut GE Money Up, especially if you have a plan to pay back the debt. You must have a plan to pay it back though. This is not a “get out”, since you borrowed the money in the first place, but using a solicitor can make life a little less stressful
    GE Money trade on the fact that the person they are harassing might not know much about the law. Get Genned up and make sure you do….

  • Mary says:

    Hello to everyone,I posted here a few months back about GE & PPI they told me it was a broker
    I received my PPI through called Firstline Loans and I would have to go to them.This company is now dissolved and after doing a load of checking and searching I have just found out that they are owned by GE,Now a good part they sent me a copy of a from which I was to have signed which I had never seen before on inspection by an expert I can tell you my signature on this is from another IGroup form attached at the bottom.
    A big mistake and fraud on GE’s part.I just want to let you all know what things GE will try. So never give up the fight with GE

  • Pat Bland says:

    Hear hear! Mary.
    I am currently in the final stages of bringing a case against them. We must all keep going after them and show them up for their dirty tricks! They can’t get away with them for ever.

  • dan says:

    hi mary, pat
    just a quick line to agree how much of a scum bag company ge money actually are, here goes, took out a loan in 2008 £6500 have been paying £121 monthly, 4 years 2011 on i now owe the b****** more than i started of with in 2008.
    what is happening is, that when i make a payment of £121 a month, 2 days later they add £98 interest back on to the account.
    This is my question, they maintain that when i signed for the loan i agreed to this. lol. I can assure you i have never heard anything as ridiculous in my life, how do i tackle this and what do i do next?

  • diana says:

    I have an account from GE money Bank and it’s the worse bank I’ve ever dealt with. I bought a motorcycle on 2006 from a dealer called Crazy Freddys for about $12,500.00 and have been paying $350.00 monthly to GE money Bank. Since 2006, until now my payment keeps rising, and for 5 years I haven’t seen the balance go down. I have tried to call several times to get help, since I already paid $21,000.00 to this company and I still owe $13,500.00. I have been more than patient with this bank, but I recently received a statement that says that it will take me 26 years to pay my debt, something that I found absurd, considering it’s a motorcycle not a house. I need help fixing this problem, I am a college student and I work full time to be responsible and do the right thing, but I can’t keep paying a motorcycle for 20 years, I think six was enough for me. Someone please help, I need to figured out how to fix this problem, this type of thing should not be allowed.

  • Ricardo says:

    Five years ago, my wife was really ill,i went into arrears to the tune of 15thousands pounds.We borrowed 10 thousands from family to pay them off.This should have left us with only 5 thousands to be paid off.But now i found out that i owed them 20 thousands pounds, plus interest and cost of 13 thousands pounds.I have been sent a eviction notice for the 12th of October.We have never miss a payment of my mortgage to them, ever since that day.I have no intention of leaving my home.I will be going to court to fight this tooth and nail.Some of the charges are illegal and you need to look into it.The FSA has fined Deutsche Bank and Redstone for unfair treatment of their customers.It now completely clear that any arrears charges which exceed the actual administrative are unfair and unlawful.I would try get my money back on these charges.

  • Mary says:

    Here is my full account from GE MONEY
    Can anyone understand the crazy charges.
    The secured loan was taken on the 12th June 2007 and paid of in full on 31st Oct 2007
    Loan in total with PPI That I had to take or no Loan
    £45,360.00 June 2007
    £04,455.00 cancellation PPI credit
    £ 40.00 transfer to s/a E
    £ 503.06 D/D
    £45,186.32 Redemption paid in full 31/10/2007
    now it says Nov & Dec instalment’s dueat £460.05 per month
    Then 2/01.2008
    Balance transfer on settlement £43,763.16
    Nothing makes any sense I paid the rouges over £50,000 for a few months of a loan.
    I have loads of paperwork but would take top long just now to show all.

  • dan says:

    hi diana,
    just read your comment and it blows me away how this is legally possible, or is it?. I can assure you im at my wits end and am really considering bankrupcy over this because as you say, it will take me also 30/40 years also to clear my balance with a total payable to GE of over £50k. insane, I have recently wrote to watchdog concerning the above, but if any one else can give advise on the matter it would be of great help! it is possible that my house will go, if i proceed, but at least i will have gassed ge foney from my life !!!

  • Pat Bland says:

    I have replied to many of the comments on this site. As stated before I am in the final stages of bringing an action against them for the irreparable damage they have done to our family, and our business.
    As complainnts about them are getting so much greater, as people are having so many financial struggles, it is time something was done about them. The behaviour outlined on this site is absolutely disgusting(bordering on criminal!) and they are getting away with it as there is no proper regulation.
    I would urge everybody on this site to badger the FSA(who don’t deal with individuals – but could not ignore a group of people – the more the better.) Also badger MP’s (Mine has given me enormous support) and all other “regulatory” organisations ie OFT, Press, Media generally, Ombudsman etc. etc. If enough complaints are made they will not be ble to continue to ignore them.
    An intense investigation into the accounting systems and general systems of GE Money, is needed, and this will have to happen if there are enough complaints.
    Remember the French Revolution! Their financial anarchy has to be stopped.
    Wish me luck with my Court case!

  • Ricardo says:

    Pat, i am with you 100%, i was 15,thousands pounds in arrears 4 years ago, these bastards took us court, but did not turn up.We borrowed 10 thousands pounds from our parents, then paid that amount to them.I have never missed paying our mortgage every month.But out of the blue they sent us an eviction order stating that we owed them 20 thousands pounds plus 13 pounds for charges.Now how in God’s name can you owed some one or even a bank 5 thousands become 20 thousands when you have not missed a payment? Tomorrow the 12th of October is my day in court.I tried my MP but he was just waste of space.I found out that mortgage arrears charges more than 12 pounds is illegal,and will taken it up with the judge in the morning.I was never going to give my house to these loan sharks because that is what they are.You should write letter to them stating the facts that you will go court with in seven days if you dont hear from them.They must produce all their money sheets, to say that any costs that incurred is not for profit. And last, then if you dont get any where with them, then you should write to the Ombudsman.
    All the best Pat.

  • I agree that GE Money should be investigated for criminal activity. They are a scam. They offer terms that sound almost too good to be true. Through CreditCare they use dentists and doctors as their sales force. But they misinform these practitioners with misleading information and when the practitioner sells something that isn’t correct, happily accept the sale, but quietly set it up differently with a trap which is only realized by the customer years into the future. In my case the 2 year 0% interest rate I was sold turned into a 3 month 0% interest rate + 22.98% interest thereafter behind the scenes. My interest rate on my regular credit cards is 6.9% and 8.9%. I never carry a balance. I set up auto-pay and never realized that the terms had been set up differently to what I had been sold. My story is at
    In the end, my dentist got me a refund, but I had to threaten to walk away from her business.

  • Mary says:

    So much for all that our government is doing to have all the bodies in force to look after us the public, I think that GE is so big that everyone is to afraid to touch them.
    Must be something to do with UK & USA relations we the public are being hit again in the pocket as usual.
    What I want to know is where the media stands in all this they at one time spoke out for us, Maybe the Sun would run a petition for us.
    Mary…………..NEVER GIVE UP.

  • corinna says:

    I dont know why GE Money can charge ridiculous fees and interests, there seems to be no rule or laws for them. They conveniently changed some section in the terms & conditions so they do not have do anything to help should one request a redraw or hardship application.
    I say if a whole bunch of people, storm their
    company and string the bastards up, I would be the first to go in. There is so much information regarding their tactics yet there seems to be nothing you can do unless you have the money to have a lawyer. There are cases where the respondent actually won., so I say do not give in!

  • kim mccready says:

    my sister in law died leaving a secured loan and after calling 2 day’s after her death to notify them they have charged well over 1000 pound’s on to the account, we were told that the account would be frozen after 6 month’s they have explained they are not.
    They are a bunch of inconsiderate B*******.
    What heartache they have caused my family
    and her son that is only 5 and they are taking away his only money that he would have had.

  • sandie says:

    ge money continue to add charges on my account – i thought i had a payment plan in place and was assured no further charges would be added to my account if i stuck to the agreement. i received a letter claiming i owed them £40 default fee plus £40 per month that my account is behind. when i phoned i was told that i hadnt made an agreement with them despite having names of individuals i had spoken to. i requested transcripts of phone calls and was told it would go to litigation and as far as they were concerned my complaint was closed. i would also have to pay a £200 litigation fee. looking back at my account they seem to add charges to the point that the balance is barely reducing. am now drafting a letter to ask for all information they have pertaining to my account including transcripts of the disputed phone calls. lets see if they ignore this as they have ignored previous correspondence – despite me sending them by recorded/signed for post.

  • Pat Bland says:

    I think you can assume that they will ignore your letters. They always ignore questions that are “inconvenient”. It is unlikely they will sue you. At the end of the line they are practised cowards and bluffers. As for charges, they are currently charging me additional interest on credit balances when I regularly make my payment five days before it is due, and have no arrears. I have asked for their justification for this – guess what? – they have not replied. As for telephone calls they will never let you have them since they would incriminate themselves.
    Good luck!

  • GE Money are so good they have successfully managed to lose a cheque from my solicitor for £576.00.
    During a conversation with them over Christmas they told me the money had come in as they could see it on the system
    However yesterday 9/1/2012, I receive letters saying the money is still owing, #
    On closer investigation it turns out that one department has separated the letter from the cheque.
    Bunch of donkeys these people, they really are

  • Mary says:

    I am still fighting over PPI monies that was added to my account Borrowed £40,000 was told PPI had to be added or no loan had loan for 5months and had to pay almost £50,000 now have 2 sets of account info from 2 different GE departments and both totally different.
    Mary .GOOD LUCK and Keep the fight going with these rouges ………………..

  • sarah smyth says:

    ge is a horrible company and i hope some day they go under. i know people are complaining alot of about them but i am taking action monday, i have a list of attornies i am contacting and going to meet and i am going to file a class action lawsuit on them, i have had enough and i am not standing here and taking anymore of their crap.
    2 years ago i was having financial problems, i contacted them to see about lowering interest and pymt amts, and they helped at the time, i set up automatic withdrawls and over a year they have been taking the money out and then out of the blue they stop the auto withdrawls with no notice, i had alot going on in my life at the time and did not realize for a few months that they stopped until i got a call from a collection agency, i asked for them to get me proof as to why they stopped the withdrawls with no notice, they wouldnt i made arrangements to make 75.00 a month pymt but that i would mail to sams club since that is where my acct should be and not with them, i filed complaint with the bbb and no help, i then get served papers fri eve to appear in court in 3 weeks, that they want balance in full which they also indicated that i had been making payments. how the hell can they file a suit, when your not behind and make monthly payments, i guess thats the lovely judicial system we have her in the usa, instead of really working cases that are hindering other peoples lifes they have to allow this. andrew your statement was well said, they call them selfs a reputable company my a–, they are crooks, nz i am sorry they monopolize you over there, i would run as fast as i could, anyone with a mortgage loan or anything to do with ge money should stay far away. as for the ceo he is a jerk with his comments, i hope one day he falls flat on his face with financial issues, what goes around comes around eventually just cause your company screws other people so you guys can sit on your butts and do nothing while the rest of us are harding working trying to make ends meat. i hope more people pass all this to others and file complaints and small clams court with them as well. i am not backing down. i will do everything i can to make known to the public and everywhere just how horrible this company is. I BEG EVERYONE TO PLEASE SEEK A ATTORNY AND LETS ALL FIGHT TOGETHER AND FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM. after i talk with and get more information from a attorny i hire i will pass this website along to him and info i can give others to do the same