What are you looking at?

Published on 18 August 2007 in ,

I hadn’t actually loaded up Google Analytics for a while, so I thought I’d pop in and have a look at how everything on Planet Bods is fairing. Not that I’m hugely fussed generally about hits – it’s just nice to watch them over time stay, well, pretty much the same.

The other parts of the site are a bit more static – what’s popular and what’s not rarely changes, but on a whim I decided to see what the top content is by hits in the Blog itself – wondering what people came here for. It turns out that a post I wrote in 2005 about saving money on train fares comes in top.

More curiously, next came a tiny little post about meeting room names.

Moaning about Walsh Western came next, followed by a brain dump about Glasgow tourist attractions.

Number 5 is the first post from this year – SNCF’s hopeless website.

A page I get a lot of feedback about is Catherine’s guest post, Vegetarian Iceland which came in 6th. I regularly get emails from people thanking us for that page – including one person who had given up the idea of going to Iceland because of the food issue, until she’d read the post! Now that’s what I call a result.

7 is about the BBCi CBeebies rebrand and the bouncing bugs. 8 is really curious – a rant from 2003 about trying to get home from Kings Cross to Ealing after the tube had shut. Not one I would have thought had much of a shelf life on it but given the length of time people spend on the

page, it’s clearly being read.

9 is one of the few technical articles I write – about using the Yahoo! JavaScript event library. According to Google Analytics, people are spending an average of 5 minutes on this page which is a lot. This seems to be catching a few eyes, no doubt helped by the fact that it’s linked from Yahoo’s UI Library page, which is unexpected, but flattering!

And finally, number 10 is a good old fashioned useabilty analysis/rant about Freeserve’s appalling webmail. Freeserve may be long gone, but for some reason this page keeps up the hits.

Hoping to draw conclusions from this little lot, I was a bit disappointed. I was kinda hoping that there’d be some light shed on what I should write and what I shouldn’t however the top 10 list seems as random as my choice of post topics sometimes!