Beaming signals into your home

Published on 27 September 2007 in , , , , , ,

The last few days at work have been a bit frantic, as I’ve been busy rushing around trying to get up to speed with a great big huge monster of a project, whilst at the same time trying to ease the handover of another great big huge monster of a project onto someone else.

The reason behind all this is because from Monday, I’m going to be taking up a new position working on the launch of BBCi services on the forthcoming Freesat – which if you haven’t heard, is essentially the satellite equivalent of Freeview, which will be launching in the spring of next year.

It’s a huge project with some tight deadlines and a lot of work to do in not very much time. We’re building a brand new platform for BBCi from scratch, for a range of set top boxes that haven’t even been made yet. Oh yes, and it’s supposed to launch in spring next year. Nothing like a good challenge!

With that challenge also comes a nice new job title. I get to put the term “Senior” in front of my existing title, which is obviously good news for my ego.

I confess that I would rather have liked to have become a Senior Development Producer before the age of 30. A rather arbitrary wish I know, but I quite liked the idea. On the other hand, it’s one that I failed in – with me starting an annoying two weeks after it. Even better, I actually spent my 30th birthday – 16 September – actually preparing for the interview, which, in an amazing sense of timing, had been scheduled for the following day. Makes you wonder if they did it deliberately…