Top 20 Archive Posts Viewed in 2007

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Following on from the top 20 posts of 2007, I had a look at what posts prior to 2007 were still making it big, big time.

The answer is lots of them. In fact the complete Top 10 of posts viewed in 2007, only 2 were actually published in 2007 itself. Looking at what’s viewed from the archives gives a fascinating view of what people are looking for when they find this site.

Whilst this blog has been going from 2002, few posts from that year appear in the list below, but the rest seem to be spread pretty fairly across the following years. So here goes – again in reverse order…

20 – No Satellite Signal 2
Kicking us off, a piece about our broken Sky set top box. Slightly surprising in its popularity. The first part of the story came in at 21.
19 – The Grange, Ealing (or From Bad Beer to Great Beer)
Ah the Grange. Now a gastro pub owned by Youngs apparently, but when I was in Ealing, it tended to serve beer badly. Well except for a few wonderful months in 2003.
18 – Ocado
Used to use them all the time when we were in Ealing. Nowadays we live near a huge Sainsburys within walking distance…
17 – Silverlink Hell (part 1)
They’re gone! They’re gone! Hurrah! No more Silverlink! It’s all London Overground now… Actually I love the fact at that all the old Silverlink logos have now been covered over. Which means at Euston you now see a URL that says, whilst at Kensington Olympia there’s now a sign that just says “Thank you for travelling”.
16 – A Train From Manchester
Bit of an old foe this one. Somehow, there’s some combination of search terms that people put in about trains from Manchester to London. Or vice-versa. And they get this page, or a few similar ones. Perhaps I should put an affiliate link in to – make some petty cash off it!
15 – The Amazing Chip Vending Machine
Hot chips from a vending machine. Some people just don’t believe it exists. But it does.
14 – Lunch and Stroll in Hampstead
Pub releated post for Hampstead. Don’t think I’ve done any pub reviews for ages. Perhaps I should start doing some more.
13 – Albino Peacock
The most viewed picture on my Flickr photostream is of the peacock listed here. No idea why – no one ever tells me. Actually, it’s not albino – it’s a White Peacock. But I didn’t know that at the time.
12 – Glasgow: Things To See
Doing my bit for the Glasgow Tourist Board here and no mistake.
11 – The Red Lion, Ealing (or the best Beef and Guinness Pie I’ve ever tasted)
It’s been three and a half years since I lived in Ealing, and by default, last went to the wonderful Red Lion. But I can still taste that fantastic pie! And no, I’ve not found one better in all these years.
10 – The Epic Night-time Journey from Kings Cross to Ealing
Gordon Bennett – I still have nightmares about the evening chronicled here… Sadly it’s not the great write up that appears to be pulling in the crowds – more people trying to find their way from Kings Cross to Paddington. Shame…
9 – The Real Underground
On the geography of the tube, and how its mapped.
8 – The Sheer Delight of Using Freeserve’s Webmail
I hated Freeserve’s webmail, and I wasn’t struck with Freeserve either for that matter. Freeserve may have been rebranded to Orange (via Wanadoo), but by all accounts, the webmail still sucks.
7 – Glasgow: Pubs
Another Glasgow post – and a pub one to boot. Three years after it was written, this post on Glasgow’s pubs keeps pulling them in. Hint – avoid Frankenstiens…
6 – Changing minds – using Yahoo’s JavaScript event library in anger
On a similar vein, I keep thinking I should do more technically minded posts, but rarely do. This one from 2006 about using the Yahoo! Event Library has been well-read. And I still love the Yahoo! code too.
5 – Vegetarian Iceland
Great to see this one continue to be so high. In 2005 we went to Iceland and Catherine wrote a post about it from the context of a vegetarian. It’s done it’s business very well – we even got an email from someone who had ruled out going to Iceland because they were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to eat anything. After reading the post, their mind was put at rest and they booked a holiday. Result!
4 – Walsh Western Hopelessness (part 2)
Highest rating ranty post – the problems of getting my Dell PC delivered. Seems to be a regular occurence…
3 – Two Go To Brighton
A combination of Doctor Who, the Face of Boe and a sad looking pier push this up near the top.
2 – The Usability of Meeting Room Names
Nope. No idea. Never quite worked out why this little thing about trying to find itself at number two. Other than the fact that people are out there searching for terms like “meeting room names”… Now why they’re doing that is another matter…
1 – Saving Money On The Trains
And finally… a bit of a practical post. Back in 2005 I found out that more than a few people in the South East with Travelcards, didn’t know they could save a bit more money on the national rail network. So I wrote a post about it. It’s not a big post, yet the response from it has been huge. So I guess, that’s a bit of a result!

Well there you are. A motley lot. And what does it tell us? Well work-related posts don’t tend to go very far, but give someone a good rant at a popular target, something about a pub or trains, and you’ll do well. Oh and yes, chip vending machines really do exist.