Turn your cache back on

Published on 24 March 2008 in , ,

For some time, I’ve been wondering why Movable Type has been, well frankly, so slow on my home PC. And specifically my Linux PC. It’s been an insane situation where trying to add one entry could take five minutes.

Accessing from work, or accessing (occasionally as I do) via the Windows based notebook PC was absolutely fine. Other websites have been usually fine, although some DHTML based sites like National Express East Coast’s ticket website have been sluggish. More confusingly other copies of Movable Type on other servers were generally fine too.

I’ve been scratching my head for months on this one. That is, until this morning when I spotted that, for some reason, I’d disabled the cache in Firefox (although why I’d done that is another question…)

Suddenly Movable Type sprang into life again. The difference is, well frankly, it’s actually usable again!

It does go some way to show that, when it comes to the web, a little disk space goes a long way.