BBCi Labs Live

Published on 24 June 2008 in , , , ,

With one chunk of the department working like the clappers to ensure Freesat is ready for the Olympics, and another busy with the roll-out of the BBC’s revamped interactive sport service, perhaps now wasn’t the best time for it to be launched – but launched BBCi Labs has.

BBCi Labs is a new blog from the team I work in and will be a space for the team to write about what we’re doing, show off some of the things we’ve done and various other stuff. Similar to what our colleagues have been doing over at Radio Labs (and they did provide the naming inspiration.) As you might expect, I intend to be popping up on there myself as and when I have something vaguely relevant to say.

It being early days, it’s naturally a trifle sparse at the minute – to pointlessly use a gardening analogy, it’s currently a seedling, but seedlings tend to grow, blossom, and be admired by the world (if this was a group blog, there’s be a “Lets leave that there shall we? – Ed” comment around here).

So anyway, if you’re interested in the exciting world of interactive TV and its technology, why not pop over?