Dear Curry’s

Published on 27 June 2008 in ,

Thank you Curry’s. You have reminded me why I don’t do much of my electronic based shopping in stores any more. It makes me annoyed. You have made what should be a pleasant experience, a plain awful one. You have made me annoyed.

Very annoyed.

You see you just don’t get it do you? You think purely of the money. You pile the pressure on. You simply must sell that extended warranty.

Funnily enough I am my own man. I know what I want. I say I don’t want the extended warranty. I then insult the extended warranty. I call it a complete and utter waste of time.

Yet still the persistence. So much so that I have to reveal that I have walked out of stores before now over extended warranty hassles. Yet still the pressure. I have to invoke the f-word, and threaten to cancel the transaction and walk out of the store right that moment, because I’ve done that before. And I have. And I will again.

There is a pause. There is a fleating moment when I suspect I might just have to walk out. And then I am reprieved. But annoyed.

You see Curry’s, I could have bought what I wanted online. I would even have saved a couple of quid. But I decided I couldn’t be bothered to wait for the post. I knew deep down it would be a mistake. I knew it would all end in tears. But hey, you were there.

And after all, it was a simple transaction. How could you screw it up?

I knew my mind. I knew what I wanted. You could have made it easy. You could have made it simple.

But you didn’t. And you’ve annoyed me. You’ve reminded me why I don’t buy things like that in stores.

Cos you see Curry’s, when I buy online I tend not to get annoyed and angry. I certainly don’t swear at human beings. I get my purchase and I am happy. I jump around and leap excitedly! Look at what I’ve got! Woo! Yay!

Instead I’m sitting here doing something different. Look at this idiots! Look at these morons. Look at these people who are so indifferent to their customers shopping experience that they annoy them. They frustrate them. That they remind themselves of why they don’t do it.

Now that, my dear, sweet Curry’s, is not how one gets repeat business…


  • Kirk says:

    I bought something from them a while back (can’t remember what) and was being offered the extended warranty, and then one of the managers dropped their cordless phone on the floor.
    “You might drop it like he did and break it!”
    “I might, but I’m not usually so clumsy with expensive electrical goods.”
    “But you might this time!”
    IIRC I then dropped the item I had bought later on that day 🙂 It didn’t break, but I still can’t remember what it was.

  • Vincent Cahill says:

    Curry’s reputation for bad service goes on. I purchased an HD ready TV from them and some weeks later I returned to the same store to purchase a HD DVD player and recorder. Just bought my first HD DVD films as due to Blueray have now come down in price and they would not load. Contacted Samsung and they informed me it was not HD playable and that I had purchased the incorrect player.Unfortunately this was over 12 months ago. Complained to Currys regarding lack of staff knowledge in store, but as also ways with Currys bad service prevails no reply from them as promised. They state 48 hours max on web. Left with a uncampatible player and DVD’s

  • Sadly your experience is one of many. I sympathise with you. I used to work for ’em and hated it. I have now started to fight back. Say no to Currys at

  • Philippa says:

    DAMN! me and my friend are doing work experiance there next month.
    bad idea huh? :/