No Woolies

Published on 16 December 2008 in , , ,

I feel I should go and mourn. The demise of Woolworths is the end of an era.

Woolworths, Hackney

Photo by Martin Deutsch. Released under Creative Commons licence

I feel like I should be wandering round the dismal sight of a doomed store. Touching the shelves and sighing. Remembering what once was. Saying goodbye to a giant of the high street.

But then, every time I went in one over the last few years, it was awful. Scruffy. Chavy. Cheap. Nasty. Plain awful. I wanted to run out. Quickly.

So perhaps it’s all for the best. Because soon we’ll just have our memories – happy memories of the good times. Of looking at this wondrous shop with childlike eyes. Games, toys, music and sweets all in one! Wow! Brilliant! Look mum! Here’s the Lego! I haven’t got this one! Can we have some pick and mix?! Please?!

We’ll soon forget the horribleness that it became. A lost business with no sense of purpose, and no soul left. Just tat, games and pick and mix.

Yes. Maybe it’s for the best. For everyone. Well bar the staff who will soon be out of a job and faced with an uncertain future.