Top Twenty Posts of 2008 – Part 1

Published on 27 December 2008 in , ,

Between Christmas and New Year is traditionally the season for loads of “Reviews of the Year” – endless boring lists that no one in their right mind cares about.

Except this one obviously. Welcome to Bods’s Blog’s Top Twenty Posts of 2008.

For the record, these rankings come via Google Analytics so measure server hits for the page. And the date range is for 1 January – 22 December 2008. And as is traditional, here they are in reverse order – starting with number 20.

20 – Dear Curry’s

We start in June, with a ranting open letter about poor service in a branch of Curry’s. Although why anyone should be surprised by poor service in a branch of Curry’s, I don’t know…

19 – Doctor Who and Dilbert Feeds

A surprising one from April, although to be frank, we’re currently in the upper end of the “doing okay” range of blog posts according to raw numbers. This is a blog post about a broken Doctor Who website feed being fixed, and a new feed for the Dilbert website.

It has to be said… I suspect the key ingredient on this one is the word Doctor Who.

18 – The Year the Eurovision Song Contest Stopped Being Fun

Without fail it seems that my Eurovision posts do rather well in stats terms as this post from May shows yet again.

Since this post, there have been promises to bring back juries to help the voting, and of course Terry Wogan has decided to stand down. But personally I doubt it will do much good. Next year it’s looking very unlikely that I’ll be watching.

17 – Lost BBC coding found

All about the whist wagon! In March I got very nostalgic when I found a web page I’d coded back in 2001 which was still on the BBC’s servers.

16 – The Changing Times of Ceefax, and Read Hear added to BBCi

First BBC Red Button (as it is now) piece of the year. Back in January, BBC Red Button drastically improved the Community News section, which set me off on a little piece about how content on Ceefax changed over the years. I think they should bring back the “I Say, I Say…” page myself.

15 – When you move house, you tell people where you’re moving to. Now why don’t websites do the same?

Competing for the longest blog post title of the year award is this one from April. It actually precedes our entry at number 20 and is me trying to persuade the web community that when a website is redesigned, and the web feeds moved, you either need to do a redirect or tell the user it’s happening. Alas, there’s a large number of websites that still no neither.

14 – Phew! It’s live!

Just days before the Olympics were about to begin, the BBC Red Button Sport Multiscreen launched on Freesat and a whole team breathed a huge sigh of relief. And we celebrated by watching the opening ceremony whilst eating Chinese food. Yay!

13 – So long

A lot seemed to happen in April, and amongst the things that did was the sad news that BBC Worldwide’s free ISP was to close. was one of the few remaining websites of the pay-as-you-go internet revolution that was kicked off following Freeserve’s launch. It was the end of an era.

12 – Another missed TV show

In the space of a week I missed two TV programmes that I wanted to watch – and neither were on the BBC so weren’t on iPlayer, and nor were they repeated, despite one of them being on More4 which repeats everything about twenty times! Cue this complaining-but-hopefully-constructive post from January.

11 – Eurovision 2008 – good grief, the UK’s picked a decent song!

Didn’t win though did we?

Listening back to it now, nine months on, I still like this disco track from Andy Abraham. Andy – you didn’t deserve to come last.

And there’s more to come…

Well that’s the first lot. Tomorrow I’ll be seeing what came in the top 10…