Top Twenty Archive Posts of 2008 – Part 1

Published on 29 December 2008 in , ,

So we’ve gone through the Top 20 posts of 2008 – but that only tells half the picture. What posts have got the long tail? The lasting factor?

Well there’s only one way to find out… ANALYSE!

20 – Top Twenty Posts of 2007

Frankly I can’t believe that this made the top 20. Yes, it’s last years Top 20 Posts of 2007. I did consider some manipulation by removing it and upgrading the number 21 post (2003’s The Sheer Delight of Using Freeserve’s Webmail) instead but that would obviously be deceitful and dishonest and I can’t do that. Well not after all those in the year following so many fakery scandals…

It’s position here must be something about the fact it aggregates all the popular posts from that year, so therefore includes all those relevant search terms.

19 – The Amazing Chip Vending Machine

This is a bit of a never-ending favourite. In July 2003 I used a vending machine at Cambridge railway station that dispensed chips. I wish I’d had my digital camera at that point – the picture would probably get 1000s of hits on flickr if the success of this blog post is anything to go by.

Still, it’s popularity might be on the wain – this post was number 15 last year.

18 – Ocado

Staying at number 18 for the second year running, it’s also the oldest post on the Top 20 but still drawing them in.

17 – Lunch and Stroll in Hampstead

First of two blog posts about pub reviews – this one of Hampstead from July 2005.

When this one came up at number 15 last year, I did mention that I hadn’t done many pub reviews for ages, and probably should start doing some more.

Except I didn’t. In fact this remains the last pub review I did. But never fear pub review fans, I have something in the works. Now to find time to finish it…

16 – Glasgow: Pubs

And here’s the second of the two pub posts – this one of the top pubs I visited in Glasgow in September 2004. Interesting that my pub reviews from Edinburgh are nowhere to be seen in this list.

15 – Get your gold card now

This was a bit of a throw away post from July 2007 that basically was trying to tell people in London and the South East that if they’ve got an annual season ticket, then they have an Network Gold Card and they can save money on the trains.

People don’t know this. But I’ll tell you what’s worse – there’s a few people that, when told, still don’t use it because it means queuing at a ticket office. They’d rather throw money down the drain…

For the record, train companies increasingly now have an Annual Gold Card or Network Gold Card option on their ticket machines now – just hit the Railcard button and get saving some dosh.

Cos after all, you’ve paid for these savings already.

14 – BBC’s iPlayer to go beyond Microsoft XP?

Number 2 in the 2007 list of Top 20 posts, this post from January, about BBC iPlayer and lack of Linux support is now very out of date, especially given the beta launch of the BBC iPlayer Desktop which launched a week ago.

I’ve yet to give it a proper whirl on my Ubuntu PC – James Cridland reckons it’s probably a clash of different Flash versions but I haven’t yet had time to try messing.

13 – Well I’m not moving – the problems caused by ignoring train seat reservations

Bit of a rant about people not respecting seat reservations on trains from December last year. Not a post I’d expect to feature so highly on the list but it’s hits are way above average.

12 – The Epic Night-time Journey from Kings Cross to Ealing

Another old post – from May 2003 – and all about a night bus journey from hell. Again I’m surprised by the longevity of this one – it’s probably not that it’s useful, just that it comes tops on a Google search for “night bus kings cross to ealing” and several similar searches.

Oh well. No one said that page hits were actually an indicator of useful content…

11 – Alliance and Leicester Internet Banking

It sucks. Still. Probably. I dunno. I was so unimpressed with Alliance and Leicester that I ranted and moaned about them. It doesn’t look like they’ve changed much since I went with a decent bank, although the fact that they’ve now been taken over by Santander (how long before the Abbey, A+L and Bradford and Bingley names disappear then?) means that there’s hope for some of their customers as that will inevitably mean some change in systems in a few years time.

Well that’s the first bunch – tomorrow it’ll be time for the all important Top 10!