Snowthing like hapiness

Published on 3 February 2009 in , , , ,

BBC staff who had made it in yesterday and who were, like me, “non-essential” (aka non-broadcast critical) were pretty much told to go home around 2:30pm yesterday. A few minutes after I’d gone myself – my line manager having already suggested I didn’t hang around too long at 11am. Heavy snow had been predicted during the rush hour so avoidance seemed a sensible idea.

Flats near Merton Abbey Mills

By the time I’d got home, the advise about today (Tuesday) had come in. If you’re not broadcast critical, stay at home.

I’m sure it happened as a kid, but frankly I don’t remember it. I’ve certainly never been told to stay away from work for anything other than health grounds. Even after the 7 July 2005 bombings, I was in the office.

So it feels rather odd to be sat at home enjoying a free Tuesday – there’s not much I can do at home other than do some thinking in preparation for a design briefing. The webmail system isn’t working properly either (unrelated technical issues) but there’s no one around to send me an email anyway.

True, looking at the travel news, I could no doubt have made it in today – many of us could. But advice is advice. The sun is out, the snow is still around in SW19. Might as well enjoy it.

Last night we went for a walk in Morden Hall Park, where people were out building snowmen, walking the dogs, and generally having a good time. Some will complain about the damage to the economy caused by two days of shutdown. But you won’t hear many people celebrate the huge enjoyment and happiness a liberal outpouring of the white stuff brings to the nation.

In Bhutan where one of their government’s key criteria is the concept of “national happiness”. That the happiness of the population is more important than money.

The recent snow is certainly bringing a fair amount of joy to the UK. And maybe it’s time to pop outside and enjoy it for the time it’s here.