Pressing red turns the power off? Err… not most of the time…

Published on 23 June 2009 in , , ,

One of the comments that I occasionally hear about the red button is how people turn the TV off! Because, of course, most remotes have a red button to put them in standby.

OnDigital box remote control

Or do they?

After reading one such comment recently I decided it was time to look� And I started with the six remotes on my desk, before then scowling the office and home for other remotes to see what the result was.

Remote Colour of standby button
Standard Sky remote Black
One For All 4 device remote Grey (but with red power symbol)
Sony 14″ CRT TV remote Grey with a turquoise circle around the button
Metronic Freesat set top box remote Red
Pace Freeview set top box remote Red
Humax Foxsat HDR remote Black with green power symbol
Sky+ remote Black
Sagem Freeview remote Red
Humax PVR-9200T remote Grey
Philips OnDigital remote Red
Becko TV remote Red
NTL remote control Grey
Different NTL remote control Turquoise
V+ remote control Grey
Telewest remote control Grey
Sony Freeview set top box remote Green
Nokia OnDigital set top box remote Red
Panasonic Freesat TV Red
Hauppauge remote control for PC Green

So that’s a twenty and what a mixed bag. Only seven out of 20 had a red coloured power/standby button – that’s just 35%.

The amount of green that’s around is quite surprising, but it seems that in the main remotes either have grey or black power buttons, generally to match the colour of the remote control itself.

Of course my sample is only of a puny number of remotes compared to those out there, so I’d be interested in hearing what you find on your remotes!


  • Darren says:

    Go on then…
    Sony Hi-fi (7-8 years old) – Green
    Sony HDTV (

  • Kev says:

    I thought all mine were red too (I normally just use some universal remotes) but actually looking at them shows something different….
    First the remote controls that get used…
    OneForAll Digital 12 (x2) – Red
    OneForAll Digital 5 – Red
    And for the original manufactures remotes:
    Philips Streamium
    Goodmans Freeview DVD Recorder
    Asda DVD Player
    Philips IDTV
    Pioneer ITV Digibox (actually two standby buttons, both orange)
    Pioneer AV Amp
    Red border or printed symbol
    Sharp TV (Symbol Above)
    Humax PVR (Red Surround)*
    Matsui 14″ TV (Red surround)
    Kiss Networked DVD Player (Red symbol on)
    Green Surround
    Sony DAB Tuner
    Philips DAB Ghetto Blaster
    Joytech Control Centre 2 – Grey
    Cambridge Audio DAB Tuner – Black
    – Interestingly the above three have no colour at all on the remote
    Including surrounds and symbols that is
    17 Remote Controls
    11 – Red – 64%
    3 – Grey – 18%
    2 – Orange – 12% – Pioneer Trait
    1 – Green – 6% – Sony Trait
    As for the Humax, some eejit decide to put a red (record) button directly above the red button – I ended up recording programmes more than once when trying to access BBCi – horrid remote mind, forced me to get the universal. – The cursor keys also have a red surround.
    My OneForAlls also have three red buttons – Red, Power, Record….