Outed as the man hating man I am

Published on 14 November 2009 in , , ,

Moment of the week last week was when I was shown an email to The F-Word Towers pointing out that if you search for “man” or “men” on the site then nothing happens. There are no results.

Searching The F-Word for 'men'

As the correspondent correctly surmises, this is because the site was to put men in their place. Men are shut out and irrelevant in the debate.

Indeed as the person who maintains the codebase for the F-Word (a man too!) I have gone as far as undermining my own gender by making it so. I spent hours on it.

It’s obvious. I mean, why would it be anything else? It’s certainly not that Fast Search, the Movable Type plugin I used, just ignores searches of less than four letters at all. The evidence is there by the sheer number of searches “BBC” or “TLA” or “off” gives you.

Well that’s me outed as the man hating man that I am.

Still what exactly would you expect if you searched for men? In such times, there is ONLY one way to find out! FIGHT! Oh, hang on� that’s not right� GOOGLE!

Ah yes, that’s right. The Manchester Evening News, the Manchester Evening News Arena� and, err, something slightly less mainstream. Just what I was looking for really…