Trawling my top ten photos (on flickr anyway)

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Since buying a digital camera about five years ago I’ve become a bit of a compulsive photographer. Well okay not quite that bad but I have taken a lot of photos. Right now Flickr’s telling me I’ve uploaded 6,319 of the things so that’s 1263 a year.

I’ve had a camera since I was probably seven or eight or something like that, but it was digital photography that really got me started because it ended the depressing cycle of me taking photos, sending them off to be developed, getting them back and flicking through them only to find them all badly framed, out of focus or full of those annoying stickers saying “boy do you suck at that this big time dude…” All of a sudden I could take good photographs, frame them correctly, and best of all, experiment.

Our tickets

Recently I started posting the odd photo that I really liked on to Twitter and Facebook as a kind of “daily photo” and frankly no one’s asked me to stop it and around 20-30 people seem to look at them. But one photo did slightly more than that. My pic of some train tickets (above) somehow managed to pick up about 350 views.

I’ve no idea why – perhaps it ended up on Twitter homepage or something. Flickr’s stats page is no use – it just proclaims 345 views came from an “unknown source”. Well thanks.

Anyway, it made me curious as to see which photos of mine get the most views. So I dug around the stats, found out and decided, what the hell, this could make a blog post of something…

So in reverse order, here’s the top ten…

10 – Icebergs


In 2005 Catherine and myself went to Iceland on holiday and I took my brand new digital camera (a Kodak Easyshare 730), a whoppingly sized 500Mb SD card and a huge stack of rechargeable AA batteries. Every night I’d review the photos and squirm as to how little space was left, and delete a few to make sure there would be room.

Most of the photos that remained are amazing – Iceland is just an outstandingly beautiful country. This one was taken at the Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon where we did a boat trip around the icebergs. It was absolutely brilliant but the glacial tongue is retreating. In 50 years time this place may not exist any more. And that’s very sad.

At the time of writing this photo has 1423 views and is one of two photos of Iceland in the Top 10. It’s not my favourite photo from Jökulsárlón -I think this one of a seal is far better and a print out of it adorns the upper staircase in our house.

See more of my Iceland photos on flickr, or read my blog posts of the trip.

9 – The Stephen Langton Inn

The Stephen Langton Inn

Number 9 is a bit of a contrast. It’s a picture of a pub. Frankly it’s not even that great a picture of a pub. Those two cars really spoil the picture if you ask me. I only took it to say I was there once whilst doing a walk in November 2005. As I recall the ploughmans was rather good…

For some time this was actually the second most viewed photo of mine. No I don’t get it either. Still it’s got 1,489 views and someone even favourited it. I must be missing something…

8 – Top Norwegian Road Signs

Top Norwegian Road Signs, number 3

Hmm. Yes. From our holiday in Norway in 2006.

I took it mainly cos I liked the 1950s-ness of Norwegian road signs. You can almost hear the 1950s mother saying “Come along darling, lets cross the road together”. Ah, bless. But who would think 1,493 people would be that interested…

Some more interesting photos of Norway can be found in my flickr set, and you can read the Norway blog posts too.

7 – Boarding the TGV

Boarding the TGV Duplex at Lille Europe

I noted here once that the way to get people to read my blog posts seemed to require me to write about trains and buses. Clearly that rule holds true for photos too. This is a photo of us boarding a TGV Duplex in Lille on our way to the Queyras Alps in 2007. 1,709 views? Well if you say so…

Again, far more interesting photos of France over on flickr, and the blog posts of our holiday are also available.

6 – Svartifoss Waterfall

Svartifoss Waterfall

Ah this is more like it. Back to Iceland again for another photo, this one at the mighty Svartifoss Waterfall with its wonderful hexagonal columns in the background. Lovely. 1.727 views? Brilliant.

5 – Exterminate!

Dalek Emporer (model)

Oh yes, Daleks get down! It’s 2005 and Christopher Ecclestone’s hit the screen, thought the daleks and won! Doctor Who is back and he’s back BIG STYLE!

This is the Dalek Emperor. The one who was giant on screeen, but in reality was this tiny model seen at the Doctor Who exhibition on Brighton’s Grand Pier. Dalek’s rock (except when they’re trying to kill you) and this one deserves its 1,753 views.

4 – Brent Is Cross

Brent Cross Shopping Centre

Err. Yes. I have a photo of Brent Cross. Why? Well it’s part of my outstanding Star Trek Tube Tour if you really must know. What do you mean you’ve never heard of it? It’s the work of a mad genius…

So that’s my excuse for actually taking the photograph in the first place. But don’t ask me why 1,866 people have viewed it…

3 – Art Deco Metro Sign

Art Deco Paris Metro sign

Ah, Paris. What a city. And is there anyone who doesn’t love the Paris Metro signs? On the street, they all look so fantastic – so elegant. A joy to behold. A fantastic piece of street furniture and no mistake. It’s lovely to contrast them with London Underground’s famous roundels. The roundel tends to have that wonderful dramatic look, especially when illuminated against a dark sky. Meanwhile Paris offers a simple elegance. An everyday piece of art for the masses.

Yes that is pretty much copied from my flickr photo description of 2007 but how do you beat perfection in writing? Photo’s not perfect but 2,566 people don’t seem to be complaining.

2 – A White Peacock

White Peacock

And after all that globe trotting, something closer to home. Well my home. I live not far from Dean City Farm which is a fantastic place to visit even as an adult. The kids seem to like it too.

When we bought our house we didn’t realise we had the farm on our doorstep, nor the National Trust owned Morden Hall Park which is next door. (it’s great being able to say I live near a National Trust property!) But on visiting we found they had a peacock.

I originally thought it was an albino peacock however there are such things as white peacocks. I don’t think it’s still there – presumably it passed on or disappeared off elsewhere however this photo knows how to please – it has 2,801 views.

1 – Water Lilly Greenhouse

Water Lily Greenhouse

And finally with 4,004 views and several favourites, this is a wonderful shot from Kew Gardens‘s Water Lilly Greenhouse taken in 2006 when I took my parents there.

Again I’ve no real idea why this photo is so popular. It looks great – there’s no denying that. But why that many views? It is all rather a mystery. But anyway, I won’t worry about it too much, cos at least it’s not a photo of Brent Cross that takes the top spot. if that were the case, well I’d be very perturbed indeed…