The best photograph I’ve ever taken

Published on 15 November 2010 in , ,

Over my life I have taken thousands and thousands of photographs. As I type I have 6,570 uploaded to my flickr account, and given I tend to only upload around one out of four photos I take, clearly I’ve taken a fair few.

I’ve taken photos of steam trains, of hills, of Daleks, of beer. I’ve taken pictures whilst slightly inebriated, I’ve taken others whilst very cold. I’ve taken them in snow, in sun and whilst surrounded by red leaves. I’ve taken crap photos and I’ve taken amazing ones.

Butterfly and insect on a wild flower

But without contest, this one is the best I’ve ever taken.

The photo was taken whilst I was doing the Dales Way in August (a series of blog posts on which are coming at some point maybe this year… honest) as I strolled through an amazing meadow of wild flowers.

And hopping around on the flowers was this butterfly.

It seemed rather nonchalant as I watched it and then got my camera out and started snapping away. It even seemed to do some poses. I took quite a few of it, but for this one it shifted its angle and was joined by another insect.

Several didn’t come out very well. But thankfully this one did. Not long after I took it, the butterfly finally got bored and flew off.

I haven’t been through all 7,000 odd of my photographs, but I’m pretty sure this is the best photograph I’ve taken. Ever.