Top 20 Archive Posts of 2010

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So every year I trawl through Google Analytics and seek information… information… information… And that information is about what people read on this blog. And then I make some pointless blog posts about it that probably no one cares about.

Review of the Year

Then I leave it for a year and do it all over again!

20: Switzerland 2008 Day 2 – Waterfalls, more lakes and a fantastic funicular

Straight in at number 20 is a post about waterfalls and funicular railways in Switzerland, from our holiday there in 2008. We stayed in the town of Meiringen which also has Sherlock Holmes connections. Go figure why this one is here.

19: Reviewing the Cumbria Way

Sorry but you can’t escape walking on the archive posts either! Last year I did the Cumbria Way. Not exactly a well known Long Distance Path, this post didn’t even make it in to the Top 20 posts of 2009. However here it is.

18: Lunch and Stroll in Hampstead

This is a post that keeps hovering around in these Top 20 for reasons I’ve yet to really suss out. It didn’t appear last year, but it’s back for 2010. Maybe I’ll work out its popularity for next year.

17: A plethora of cables

When this came in at number 19 on the Top 20 Posts of 2010 I wrote:

Phoarr, get a load of that 2m long coax aerial cable. This post is clearly like some sort of electronics-porn – why else would a post about cables I found in a draw whilst clearing out, make it into the Top 20?

I still have no better answer.

16: All aboard the night train to the highlands!

Another post from 2009’s Top 20. This post about using the Caledonian Sleeper to visit the Highlands last year. Well Aberdeen to be precise. Yet more proof that if you write about trains, you’re going to get a few visitors.

15: It just worked straight away – using a 3G dongle on Linux at Beebcamp

Now then now then now then. Another 2009 post that didn’t make it in to the top 20 of 2010 although it was published at the end of December so that’s perhaps not surprising.

It’s all about my experiences of using a 3G dongle at a BBC event. And it all worked on my Linux netbook perfectly. Amazing.

14: The Usability of Meeting Room Names

Every year I say the same thing with this post from April 2005. “Eh? What? Why?” So this year I thought I’d say something different. How about “What? Eh? Why?” then?

13: Glass bottles on the doorstep – getting a milkman

Get with the white stuff! Come on then. How many of you have started having a milkman deliver your pint bottles since I wrote this post? Must be at least one of you. Surely?

12: Installing Linux on an elderly laptop

Second Linux post of the season. Lots of Linux users obviously hungry for information.

11: Online Banking and the bad URLs that go with it

This was 2009’s number one post. And it got there basically by being a target for people searching for online banking and scams.

10: Scotch Steak Houses – Evil With A Green Sign

From 2005 which I noticed that a wine bar had become a Scotch Steak House, one of the many dreadful looking steak houses that fill London although with the re-arising Aberdeen Angus chain. No one seems to ever have a good experience in them, and they seem to thrive on tourists who don’t know any better. Mainly because they’re never told any better. Time for a warning message in every London guide book? I think so.

9: Switzerland Day 3 – to the Top of Europe!

More trains! And trains from the Top of Europe. If going on a train inside a mountain isn’t enough to make you rish to Switzerland, I don’t know what is.

8: Well I’m not moving – the problems caused by ignoring train seat reservations

Ah this old cheshnut. I still have painful memories of this journey back home to London.

7: Alliance and Leicester Internet Banking

Does Alliance and Leicester’s internet banking still suck as much as it did in 2005? Dunno. I won’t go near them with a barge pole. Although that’s not hard because they don’t exist any more. But I won’t go near Santandar either.

6: The Amazing Chip Vending Machine

I know the conversations. I’ve had them myself.

“A chip vending machine? There is no such thing as a chip vending machine.”

“Yes there is. Have a look on Google.”

If only I’d had a camera back in 2003 to really prove it…

5: BBC iPlayer – why DRM?

Still hanging around is this essay about why DRM is a necessary evil on BBC iPlayer. Although I suspect people are visiting it thinking it’s instructions on how to break it…

4: Freesat Website

Ahem. Yeah. I think I’ve finally twigged why this remains so popular. Cue typing in to a search engine the words “Freesat” and “website”…

3: Vegetarian Iceland

Now when it comes to titles, this one works a lot better. Over the years I’ve had a lot of emails thanking me for this post. Which I didn’t even write. But anyway lots of people have gone on holiday to Iceland because they found out they’d be able to eat there. Rock and indeed roll.

2: Saving Money On The Trains

Trains again. But more on the money saving side. And in an age of austerity, we all like to save a little cash don’t we?

1: GE Money – incompetence and downright lies

And finally… This one. It just won’t seem to die. Although sometimes I wish it would. Sadly it will only go when GE Money either cease to exist, or they sort out their customer service. Someone even asked me this year if I’d lead a campaign against GE Money. I politely declined on that one.

Excitingly, tomorrow we break open the statsmobile and do exciting graphs and things!