Finished Fishing

Published on 6 August 2011 in

Hello again. Back in June I said I’d be taking some time off blogging whilst I “did stuff”. Like fishing. But not actually fishing because I can’t fish. And I’d find it boring. Plus I wouldn’t know what to do with the fish.

But now I’m back, and here’s some celebratory chimes to welcome my return. Join in everyone… hoot hoot hoot hoot… hoot hoot hoot hoot!

That’s the Gastown Steam Clock and it’s a clue to one of the many things I’ve been up to.

Over the last couple of months I’ve walked the Southern Upland Way in Scotland, and popped over to Canada with Catherine to visit Vancouver, Jasper, Banff and a lot more beside. I’ve done some stuff in London and taken lots of photographs all over the place. I’ve written another book (but not typed it all up yet) and been messing around creating videos. I’ve grown a beard, attended a beer festival and a wedding. I’ve cursed my fridge/freezer, cleaned the windows and I’ve dismantled my PVR because it wasn’t working.

And most of all, I’ve failed to do half the things I planned to do. I’ve still got loads to VHS tapes to digitise. The living room still needs painting. The exterior woodwork still needs painting. And I’ve still failed to spend some John Lewis gift vouchers I got given at the end of last year.

Some of the above will be blogged about. Some of it won’t Especially the interior décor bit.

Stay tuned. Cos I’m back. Now I just need to think of something to say…

Not like it was much like I was really away cos I had various posts pre-written on Rambling Man, but lets not worry about that shall we?