Top 10 Archive Posts of 2011

Published on 29 December 2011 in , ,

Every year I do a Top 10 Archive Posts list. A list of older blog posts that still seem to make the grade. Why are they so popular? Who knows. But they are.

When compiling this years list I did have a conundrum. It was not until the end of May that I launched Rambling Man, and in those five months several walking related blog posts had knocked up enough views to put them in to the top 10. Five in fact.

In the end I decided to discard them. They now sit on Rambling Man and not in Bods’s Blog. I’ve airbrushed them out of history.

Anyway, on with the countdown.

10: It just worked straight away – using a 3G dongle on Linux at Beebcamp

In 2009 I was so impressed that a 3G dongle worked on my Linux netbook without fuss that I wrote a blog post about it. Not quite sure why it remains popular. But it is.

9: The Amazing Chip Vending Machine

If only I’d had a camera with me on that day in 2003 as some people still don’t believe there’s such a thing as a chip vending machine. I wonder if it’s still there on Cambridge station…

8: Scotch Steak Houses – Evil With A Green Sign

For my money every tourist guide to London should include big warning messages about never going in an Aberdeen Angus Steak House or a Scotch Steak House. As the comments on this blog post from 2005 show, some people still do.

7: Glass bottles on the doorstep – getting a milkman

Have you got a milkman yet? If you haven’t, check out this blog post from 2009 to tell you why you should.

6: Switzerland Day 3 – to the Top of Europe!

Interestingly one of my most spammed blog posts (by comment spammers) is one about my holiday to Switzerland in 2008. But not this one though, which tells the tale of going in the train up inside a mountain! Brilliant adventure, reasonably good blog post.

5: Online Banking and the bad URLs that go with it

This was 2009’s number one post. And it got there basically by being a target for people searching for online banking and scams.

Since this was written, the Nationwide has made its’ online banking URL better – instead of they now use Much better!

4: Well I’m not moving – the problems caused by ignoring train seat reservations

Ah yes, seat reservations and people who ignore them. Funnily enough this year I went on an Arriva Trains Wales train. I had a reservation. The train was that full I could barely get beyond the train doors yet alone find the seat I was supposed to have.

Incidentally the train left fifteen minutes late because people were struggling to board. It would have left five minutes late if the train staff had had the brain power to put one simple announcement over the tanoy. “Can passengers please move down inside the train so that everyone can get on.”

Because the staff seemed incapable of such a simple thing (we even mentioned it to the driver) I had to bang on the window and do lots of frantic pointing. If I hadn’t, that train might have left an hour late.

If Arriva Trains Wales ran services in London, the entire system would be in meltdown in a matter of hours.

Little bit of a rant there. Now back to the subject in hand…

3: Saving Money on the Trains

Speaking of trains, here’s a blog post from 2005 that barely seems to leave the popular posts list. Yes, it’s all about saving money on train fares! Focused very much on the south east, it’s still relevant today, six years after publication.

2: Vegetarian Iceland

Iceland? It’s all rotted sharks head for tea, isn’t it?

1: GE Money – incompetence and downright lies

And finally, and once again nestling at the top, it’s this post about GE Money which also holds the title of most commented on blog post.

I’ve run out of things to say about this one but one thing is certainly true. GE Money aren’t popular with many people.

Well that’s it. No pie charts or year on year comparisons this December. Didn’t have time. Plus, let’s face it, you probably didn’t care much anyway!