Dell Utter Hell

Published on 6 March 2012 in , , , , ,

So you might have read Oh Dell and wondered what’s happened to my PC.

The good news is that it was finally dispatched from China.

The bad news is that Dell seem incapable of sorting out the problem of the incorrect shipping address.

And that’s why today (Tuesday) Walsh Western (Dell’s couriers) will attempt to deliver my PC to a completely wrong shipping address.

They’ll try and deliver it to the post room at BBC White City where, I suspect, it will get signed for. Then some poor BBC post room person will wonder what the hell to do with it.

It needn’t have been like this. If Dell had, like they said they would, put a hold on the order being shipped, I might have got my PC sent to the right place. But they didn’t. And on Friday, when I noticed, I didn’t have the time or patience to hassle them by phone so ended up writing a polite but firm email to their customer service email address.

Despite the email being logged on their system, they didn’t even bother to reply.

It’s beyond a joke. Dell staff member randomly decides to ship a £1,000 laptop to the wrong address and no one in the organisation seems to care at all.

So today I will have to ring them up. Somehow I’m going to have to explain all this to someone over an appalling quality phone line. Tell them that I want them to sort it out. Quick. Because now they have my money. And I won’t have a PC.

Dell’s customer service have proved themselves to be beyond incompetent on this one. They have handled this appallingly. Unless they manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat tomorrow, the chances of me ever buying anything direct from them every again is, frankly, very slim.

In the past I’ve had no problem with Dell’s customer service. But it seems something has gone extremely wrong there. And now I don’t want to ever go near them again with a bargepole.