Funny what you find on your computer

Published on 12 November 2012 in , ,

Trolleybuses in Nevsky Prospect

I have a folder on one of my computers called “Photos”. I guess a lot of people do. I have a folder in that folder called “a_To_sort”. That’s perhaps a little rarer.

“a_To_sort” is full of photos I need to sift through. Once I’ve pruned them and uploaded them in to flickr, they get put in a more sensible structure in my hard drive. Hence the “To_sort”.

On the other hand, the “a_” bit is a crude attempt to ensure it always sits at the top of my directory listing where I can find it.

Normally “a_To_sort” hosts recent photos from my camera that I haven’t got round to sorting out, but opening it up today I found all sorts of random stuff. Appalling quality pictures of Bush House from when I used to work there (mostly blurred and appalling quality.) Some similarly diabolical pics of Sky’s offices. Clearly I’d found some photos in another folder and shoved them in.

And then I found two pictures. Both of Russia from a holiday there in 2003. One of a trolleybus and the other of us (ten years younger) stood next to a statue.

Standing next to a statue in St Petersburg

Looking at the latter I’m rather worried to note that I still have that blue t-shirt – a strangely fury thing that these days I only tend to wear in slightly less than warm weather.

But more puzzling is why they’re there at all. At the time I had a (rather terrible) film camera and that’s what I’d taken with me to St Petersburg. I didn’t have a scanner, but had clearly scanned in these two photos – probably at work.

Why these two? Of all the photos I’d taken, why these two? A picture of two dilapidated trolleybuses and us stood enigmatically next to a trolleybus. Who knows. Sadly the answer to that is now lost in the mists of time.