Opening the 2005 Teletext advent calender

Published on 6 December 2012 in , , ,

Teletext Advent Calender, 2005

Having a child makes you sit back and re-appraise things in your life. Suddenly the old things you spent your time on suddenly seems less important. Other things are all of a sudden, far more important.

Yes, Sam’s arrival has meant I’ve realised I drastically need to re-organise all the photos on my PC. The old system of just shoving everything in topic folders is just no good any more! We need to be able to view them by year and date as well!

Anyway, whilst rifling through the photos on my hard drive I found a right load of crap. And this picture of Teletext’s 2005 advent calender. And as today is the 6th of December, it seemed only right to share it with you today.

Happy 6th day of advent. Or somet. Sadly I can’t tell you what the surprise was.